Monday, May 12, 2014

Cadet Blue Speed Shorts and More

Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.
The Cadet Speed Shorts. The diamond in the waistband is Bruised Berry, one of my favorite purpley-blues.

Close ups of the Needa Margarita Cadet Blue print Drishti Yoga Tote. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photos.)


Pop Stripe Heathered Dune Barely Pink Forme Jacket

Wee Space Barely Pink Cool Racerback
Race to Place Cap

I like the Race to Place Cap but need to see it in the store. Check out the jacket she is wearing.

Wee Space Blue Tropics Visor
I assume we'll be seeing shorts in this color, too. However, the Wee Space 2-way fabric has tended to run small (and feel scratchy) in the shorts.

Only Canada got new colors in the Go Lightly bag - boo!!

New High Times full on luon crops in Fatigue and Soot Light. Check out the tank she is wearing with the Soot crops.

The new stripe print is called Needa Margarita Cadet Blue.

New Steep Stripe Vinyasa in Heathered Dune/Black.

The new navy striped WUP color is called Super Stripe Cadet Blue/White.

Check out the new Swiftly Print Heathered Black headband. Will we being seeing Swiftly tops in this print, too?

Sand to Savasana Duffel
Check out the crops, they are Embrace crops in what looks like Heathered Cadet. I like the looks of this print.

All Tied Up Tank - Canada only

New skirt style shown with the All Tied Up tank, which only Canada got. I assume the skirt is made of luon since the print is Retro Camo.

I totally forgot about the upload this afternoon. Good thing the one thing I wanted wasn't uploaded today. There are a number of interesting future items previewed in the photos. I didn't order anything today - did you get anything?

NEW! Race to Place Run Hat, Flowabunga Energy Bra, Blue/White Striped Wunder Under Pants and More

Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.
New navy and white stripe Wunder Under Pants. These are denim luon.

New Aquamarine Groovy Stripe and Flowabunga print Energy bras, new Wamo Camo Astro Wunder Unders, and new Cadet Speed Shorts. Also shown is the black/white stripe Swiftly Tank.

More of the new Aquamarine Groovy Stripe Energy bra and the new Cadet Blue Speed Shorts.

The Wamo Camo Wunder Under Pants have hit the stores along with White Blue Tropics Spray Dye Speed Shorts.

Speed shorts in White Blue Tropics Spray Dye print, Flowabunga Energy Bra, and the Black/White striped Swiftly tank.

Wamo Camo Run from Work Backpack.

Black/White Striped Swiftly Tank.

New Race To Place run hat.

Groovy Stripe Aquamarine Energy Bra.