Friday, May 9, 2014

Strategic Partner Store Heads Up

The new duffel bag we saw in the Summer Sneak Peek video is available at Strategic Partner stores.

There is also a new Aquamarine Groovy Stripe Cool Racerback out.

More Secret Garden Tracker IIs and Post Power Crops

More Secret Garden Tracker II shorts.

Post Power Crop, Twist and Wrap Wrap, and the new Groovy Stripe Dune Cool Racerback.

More Post Power Crop photos. I almost tried these on today but then came to my senses. They look cute on these ladies but I know they won't work for me.

Spotted in Stores - Groovy Stripe Dune Cool Racerback (Plus Britt's Picks Heads Up)

New cool racerback color - Groovy Stripe Dune

I went to the store today in the hopes to snag a pair of Secret Garden Tracker IIs and I saw this new Cool Racerback in Groovy Stripe Static Wave Dune. Like the Power Y in the same pattern, it's super soft.

I also lucked out and was able to find the Secret Garden Tracker IIs. These are the 4-way stretch ones made of Swift Ultra fabric so very silky feeling. They also seem to fit a bit larger than the 2-way and, I think, hang better. My store also had some nice markdowns on straggler items so I got to pick up the Heathered Vintage Pink Swiftly SS for $39 and the Blue Tropics LS for $49. I was on the fence about the LS when I first tried it on but the nice markdown convinced me to get it. I ended up returning the Ultraviolet Forme (very soft and tempting but I have Potion Purple and Pow Pink Defines so didn't really need that one) and Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops (too bright, too crazy for me but nicely opaque) I ordered on Monday night.

Check out Britt's latest picks on what is going to be uploaded on Monday. I was right, the 50 Rep bra is returning. I know a lot of people are excited about this. Also, there is a Secret Garden Go Lightly bag coming. The top on this looks solid so I guess I'll be returning the Wamo Camo I bought last week. I like the WC but I was worried about keeping the Barely Pink mesh and trim clean. What I would really love is a Go Lightly in that striped print that is shown on that new Drishti Yoga Tote. I am loving that pattern.

Post Power Crops, Earl Gray Turn Around Jacket, and More

Post Power Crop and Solo Bra

Post Power Crop and Solo Bra
A couple more Post Power Crop photos. Shown with the Solo Bra in the top photo.

Gray Rest Less Tank and Soot Light Wunder Under Crops (I think).

From Australia, the Early Gray Turn Around jacket.