Monday, May 5, 2014

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The bag shown in the Summer Sneak Peek Video

Really like the look of the tote bag.

New bra style or a redux of the 50 Rep?
Not sure if this is a new style or a curtain call of an older style. The back/side view reminds me of the 50 Rep bra. Update - studying it more, it certainly looks like it could be the 50 Rep bra.

Barely Pink Wee Are From Space Power Y

Barely Pink Wee are From Space Power Y and what looks like new gray shorts. I can't tell what style they are but they look too baggy for Speeds. Also shown is a Creamsicle Pop Swiftly tank and the Hot Hitter skort. (Update - one reader thinks the Power Y could be the Ivivva Tumblin' Tank in Grapeseed Space Dye. I've looked at both on line and it's super hard to tell.) (Update #2 - Ugh, the younger girl is wearing Ivivva. That will teach me not to read the captions of the photos.)


Flowabunga Black Angel Wing Energy Bra
Ultraviolet Forme Jacket

Full On Luxtreme Tall Groove Shorts

Post Power Crop

Spray Dye Barely Pink Speed Shorts

Still Shorty Shorts

Tranquility Pant

Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crop
Ultraviolet Cool Racerback
Ugh! I am so not a fan of this new upload time. I can't believe other West Coasters like this time. This is the thread to leave your feedback about the new time on Hey, Lululemon.

Quite a few new items we haven't seen yet were uploaded. I ended up ordering the Ultraviolet Cool Racerback and Forme Jacket. Not sure if I will keep them since I didn't buy an UV last time it was out in 2012. Though, I think there was a lot more heathered UV stuff back then, which I don't really care for.

I'm a little jealous that Canada got the Secret Garden Tracker II shorts and I hope we get them. There were a couple of items that intrigued me - the full on luxtreme Tall Groove shorts. If I still did spin as much as I used to I would totally get them. I think the Tall Grooves are a nice bottom for spin and making them in the new full on luxtreme is a great idea. I also liked the idea of the Still Shorty Short - I have much older Relaxed Fit shorts in luon, which I love - but these new Still Shorts are not made of full on luon and I really prefer the new material.

What did you order?

More of the Latest

To Class Jacket and Flow to Om Bag

To Class Jacket photos in the Black Seabed and what I think is Deep Shore Burlap.

The Wee Stripe White/Silver Spoon To Class jacket and Earl Gray Studio Jacket. Also shown are the Wamo Camo Wunder Under crops and Go Lightly bag.

Showing the Wee Stripe White/Silver Spoon To Class Jacket, Deep Short Studio Pants, Go Lightly Bag, Black Seabed To Class Jacket, Peace of Mind Tank, Hot Spell bra, and Wamo Camo Wunder Under crops.

Showing the White Blue Tropic Spray Dye and Groovy Stripe Dune Tracker II shorts. Also shown is the Groovy Stripe Power Y, Peace of Mind Tank, and the Blue Tropics No Limit Tank.

Flow to Om bag in Aquamarine.

 Go Lightly bag.

Wamo Camo Wunder Under crops.

Burlap Print Wunder Under Crops and More

Burlap print Wunder Under Crops
These are made of full on luxtreme. A reader found them to fit snugger than the Burlap Inspires.

White Blue Tropics Spray Dye Tracker II shorts and Tone It Tank

Tone It Tank with the new White Blue Tropics Spray Dye Tracker IIs. I wish they were Cadet Blue Spray Dye. I don't have much that goes with this green.

Peace of Mind Tank, Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops, and Go Lightly Bag

Rest Less Tank and Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops.
My store had all these Wamo Camo items and I think this is what is going to be in today's upload. Oh yeah, the Wamo Camo WUCs are made in Canada. 

Flow to Om Bag and More

Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bag, Peace of Mind Tank, Hot Spell Bra, Bleached Coral Vinyasa

White Blue Tropics Spray Dye Tracker II shorts with Tone It Tank and LS Swiftly.
Flow to Om Bag

The new Flow to Om Bag. I think the color is both these photos is Aquamarine.

Not a ton of photos of new items yet this morning. I think a lot of stores got shipments on Friday and the big push was to have all the new stuff out over the weekend. I made a trip to the store on Saturday so if you missed my post with details on the newest things to hit the store, check here and here.

I'm not sure when the upload will be today. One anonymous comment seems to think it could be anytime today (Awesome. - NOT!!!) I would think Wamo Camo items will be in this upload. I'll try to alert when it happens but I usually post on my Facebook page or Twitter first.