Friday, May 2, 2014

Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bag and More

Tranquility Jacket with Peace of Mind Tank, Hot Spell Bra, and Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops.

To Class Jacket, Hot Spell Bra, and Peace of Mind Tank.

Hot Spell Bra, Peace of Mind Tank, Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops.

Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bag.

I think the color in this photo is more true to life than what we've previously seen. This print is pretty vibrant in person.

 New Barely Pink/Bleached Coral Vinyasa.

Wamo Camo Cool Racerback, Deep Shore Studio Pants, and More

The Wamo Camo Cool Racerback is out in stores. Also shown are super pretty Deep Short Studio Pants (I think I want these but what colors does it go with?). Other items shown are the Peace of Mind tank, Wamo Camo Wunder Under crops, and a Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bag.

New print crops shown with a 105F Singlet and Ujjayi bra.

A Dune (I think. I guess it could be Light Gray) Studio Jacket with a Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bag.

Dune Groovy Stripe Power Y and Salutation to Savasana SS shown with the Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bag and a new Vinyasa.

Breathe and Flow Tank with the Wamo Camo Wunder Under Crops

Peace of Mind tanks shown with Wamo Camo and Black Wunder Under Crops.

Tranquility Jacket Photos

Apparently, the Tranquility jacket zips off to give you an crop jacket, so the vestigial flaps are partially explained. (Yuck) Also shown is the Hot Spell Bra and a Barely Pink Peace of Mind tank.

Tranquility Jacket, To Class Jacket, Peace of Mind Tank, and More

Earl Gray Studio Jacket. Really love this greenish tone of gray.

That hideous Tranquility Jacket. I don't even understand what is going on here with the flaps at the bottom. This should have been sent straight to the outlets.

To Class Jacket in Earl Gray/Medium Gray. Also shown is the Peace of Mind Tank and Soot Wunder Unders. The second photo shows the To Class in Light Gray with a Rest Less Tank.

Burlap print To Class jacket.

Wamo Camo Wunder Under crops. Shown with the Barely Pink Rest Less Tank and new Peace of Mind tank. The bra is the Hot Spell bra.

Peace of Mind Tank, Hot Spell Bra, and Soot Wunder Under crops.

Barely Pink/Wamo Camo Rest Less Tank. Looks much better with black pants.

The bottom right photo shows the heathered Light Gray Forme jacket. It doesn't look like much in the photos but is super pretty in person.

Pipe Dream Blue Elevate Tank

Blue Tropics/Blue Tropics Wee Space No Limit Tank

Muscle Tank and Club Shorts