Thursday, May 1, 2014

More of the Latest

New Inspire pattern and the Barely Pink/Wamo Camo Rest Less Tank.

The bottom left black Pace Setter has the burlap pattern waistband and under shorts. Also shown are the Blue Tropics Speeds and Swiftly LS.

I believe she is holding a new No Limit tank.

Go Go V-neck and Blue Tropic Studio Crops.

The latest Swiftly tanks - Heathered Bleached Coral, Heathered Vintage Pink, and Heathered Blue Tropics.

For fun - my current collection of Swiftly tanks: (l-r) Caspian Blue, Heathered Angel Blue, Spry Blue, Bruised Berry, Bali Breeze, Green Bean, Heathered Medium Gray, Pop Orange, Heathered Vintage Pink, Raspberry Glo, Pow Pink, Paris Pink, and a Dark Plum Tonka Stripe from Sea Wheeze 2012.

My SS Swiftly are more eclectic - black/white stripe, Raspberry Glo, Heathered Blue Tropics, Blue Moon, and Heathered/Space Dye Cadet. I only have two LS Swiftlys- striped Soot and Shell Pink. I prefer using UPF sun protection tops (Runbeam and Run in the Sun LS) as my long sleeve "cold" weather run tops since they're lighter and I can push the sleeves up. I forgot to post that one is coming. I was told the name but I am blanking on it now. It was water-related so I'm thinking it's either a rash guard or a combo rash guard/UPF top.

Heathered Vintage Pink looks nice against Pipe Dream Blue.

Bleached Coral Swiftly tank with the Silver Spoon Wee Space Pace Setter skirt and matching cap.

I got my Burlap Inspires today. I thought they were ok and not nearly as bad as I expected them to look but I don't love them on me. As you can see in the second photo, the pattern has lighter and darker sections built into it. It also darkens a bit with sweat.

New To Class Jacket in Burlap and Seabed (!) print. 

Thanks to Ms. B. for the product notice photos.

The Newest Items to Hit the Stores

Longsleeve Bleached Coral Swiftly and Tracker II shorts in the new striped print.

The new open backed tank we saw in the sneak peek video. I don't have a name yet.

New color combo in the Rest Less Tank. I don't have any colors yet.

New No Limit Tank in White and the new stripe pattern. (Thanks to Ms. E. for the photo.)

Sea Wheeze Sneak Peek Email

Sea Wheeze registrants got a sneak peek email today hinting at what our new shorts would look like. 

Good thing I was able to dig up our 3D glasses:

But they didn't yield anything very exciting other than the dots and triangles popping out of the page a little. The general sentiment on the boards seems to be one of disappointment. Lots of people were hoping for a plaid pattern in purples and blues, since that seemed to be the color palette hinted at:

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Today's Shopping Trip

A pretty new Heathered Light Gray Forme Jacket was in my store today. The material is silky soft and looks really nice with black. One thing I really like is that all the zippers match the fabric. I was considering getting the Pow Pink Light Forme but the main zipper was brass while the pockets ones were pink plastic and I didn't care for the look. Though I didn't plan on buying a jacket, I did get this Forme.

Wamo Camo is starting to arrive in the stores. The first piece seems to be this new Restless Tank in Heathered Barely Pink/Wammo Camo Bleached Coral/Barely Pink. I got a close up of the Wammo Camo pattern bra for you.

A new orangey-yellow called Bananarama, which we've seen used as stripes in the Twist and Wrap and new Flow Y, is starting to arrive. The first piece my store had was a scoop neck SS Swiftly. Here it is on the left next to Heathered Creamsicle Pop. This version is heathered. It's a pretty mango color but I found the swiftly a bit see through though I might try it again in the tank version. I think I would like a Cool Racerback in the color.

Taken with a flash

Website close up of "heathered" Vintage Pink

I picked up the new Heathered Vintage Pink Swiftly tank. I'm 99.999% sure the website has the wrong photo under the "Heathered" Vintage pink Swiftly Tank. You can't see any white streaks in any of the website photos yet they are plainly visible in my home photos.

Going clockwise from left: Spry, Green Bean, Bali Breeze, Heathered Blue Tropic
Heathered Blue Tropic Swiftly SS and a Surge cap.

I also got the Heathered Tropics Scoop Neck Swiftly SS today. I tried on the LS version which is Tonka Stripe. Both are nicely thick and super soft. I was sorely tempted to get the LS version, too, but it's 94 outside today and I couldn't think about getting a top I won't get much use out of for the next several months. I might revisit that decision since it was super pretty. I don't have any Teal Zeal, Surge, Oasis, or Lagoon clothes to compare to. Though, my Surge cap looks like a pretty close match.

I also tried on the Muscle Tank but the armholes popped out weirdly on me so that was an easy pass. I also tried on the Black Club shorts and really liked them. They have Secret Garden details on them:

Secret Garden Pocket Lining on the Black Short
I thought the fit on the Black was a snug TTS and I wouldn't have minded going up a size in them. They have a nice amount of stretch and would work very well for golf. I'd love to see a pant version in these. A review on line that says the Cashew version fit a bit looser so I'll have to try them. I have some Callaway shorts I use for golfing, though I've used Still Pants and shorts in a pinch on not-so-strict courses, but I bought the Callaway years ago and they are super high waisted with a very mom-jeans look. I'd love to replace them with lulu ones.