Monday, April 21, 2014


Black Cashew WAFS CRB

Black Cashew WAFS Power Y

Secret Garden Om Me Home Jacket

Salutation to Savasana longsleeve

Secret Garden Energy bra

Secret Garden Nice Asana Jacket
Not many exciting things uploaded tonight. I ordered the Black/Cashew Wee Space Cool Racerback and Power Y. Not sure which tank I'll keep. I also ordered the Secret Garden Energy bra to wear under my 105F tanks and am hoping for a nice pattern distribution.

Did you get anything?

NEW! Ujjayi Crop

I thought these crops looked like they had mesh in the front. They are new Ujjayi crops made of a double layer of mesh in the front and full on luxtreme in the back. Right now they stop in a size eight (hmpf) on the website.

NEW!! Ujjayi Bra, Secret Garden Energy Bra, and More

New Ujayyi Bra in Secret Garden and matching Embody crops.

Also shown is a Pipe Dream CRB and Embody crops.

Also shown are Astro Wunder Unders. 

More Ujjayi bra photos.

New Energy Bra in Secret Garden. If this is uploaded I might order it to wear under my 105F tanks.

Pretty Purple, shown with a No Limit Tank
Pipe Dream Blue/Clear Mint

Some Embody Crop photos.

Perfect Pace Visor

Mudra SS Sweatshirt.

Shown with Street to Studio Pants.

Cashew/White Stroll Stripe Cool racerback.

Secret Garden Nice Asana Jacket