Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mail Day: Pow Pink Light Cool Racerback vs. Pow & More

A real quick photo showing the new Pow Pink Light Cool Racerback on the left and an older Pow CRB on the right. The colors are very, very close - as expected. I'm not sure whether I will keep the Pow Light. Truth be told, I like Pow Light a bit better than regular Pow.

Secret Garden Inspire Crops
Petite Fleur Inspires
Not So Petite Fleur Denim Luon Wunder Under Crops

I ordered both the Secret Garden and Petite Fleur Inspires Monday night and got them today. The website didn't note this but both are made of full-on luxtreme (formerly known as Iplux).  They definitely feel thicker and more compressive than my luxtreme and power luxtreme Inspires. I am sorely tempted to keep the Secret Garden because they are sold out, however giant flowers on my large thighs just make them look larger so they'll be going back. However, I really like the Petite Fleur Inspires and once I take a good look at them in the three-way mirror at the store and everything looks ok from the rear view (I couldn't see my underwear in my home mirrors), I think I will keep them. They are neutral and go with all my solid colored Swiftly and other run tops.