Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More of the Latest

The Secret Garden Yoga on the Fly Duffel. I saw this in the store yesterday and it is a showy bag. If I didn't already have a relatively new bag I'd definitely think about getting this one. 

I forgot to write yesterday that I tried on the Tech Mesh Singlet in the store yesterday. I am a huge fan of mesh and mesh-back tanks for hot workouts. Years ago, lululemon released special edition Cool Racerbacks made of Circle Mesh. The Circle Mesh CRB, the Mod Waves CRB, and the Right Round tank are three of my favorite hot weather run tops so I was excited to try on the Tech Mesh Singlet. Though the website only shows the Tech Mesh in Lavender Dusk and Black on it, my store also had it in Clear Mint and Soot. The Black and the Soot versions are made out of Circle Mesh. The Lavender and the Clear Mint are made out of the same kind of mesh that is used in the Flow N Go Tanks, which lululemon just calls "mesh." I think this other kind of mesh is a bit more delicate than circle mesh, but both kinds need to be put into a lingerie bag in the washer. The fit on the Tech Mesh Singlet is rather straight - since I am a pear shape I found it very large in the chest and a bit small at the hips. It's also on the short side. I'd prefer is the tank was a bit snugger at the chest, with smaller armholes, was longer, and flared out more for the abdomen/hips - pretty much the 105F singlet in mesh form. I know it's meant to be roomy/low cut to show off the bra underneath but I'd want to use it for running and I don't care to have a lot of my Ta Ta Tamer show. I don't mind having a lot of an Energy bra show but TTTs always seem more like underwear to me than a sports bra meant to be revealed. Anyway, if you aren't a pear shape, this tank should fit you perfectly, if a little on the short side.

The 105F tanks have become my gym tank of choice for non-run workouts. (Though the material is fine to run in, I use a Ta Ta Tamer for running and this tank reveals too much of the TTT for me.) I usually wear it with an Energy bra but sometimes an All Sport. The Lullaby one has been calling my name and I'm dying to add it to my collection (I have them in Angel, Black, Bordeaux, and Raspberry). From left to right: Zing Pink (I think), Vintage Pink, White, Bali Breeze, Angel Blue, Antidote, and Lullaby.

I believe these are all on the same woman so this photo makes a nice comparison shot - Top, left to right - Clear Mint Pace Rival Skirt, White Pace Setter, Pip Dream Free Reign Short; bottom row- Pretty Purple Tracker II shorts, Secret Garden Pace Rival Skirt, and Angel Dot Pace Setter skirt.

Lullaby Forme Jacket and Angel/Lullaby striped CRB.

The very cute Pretty Purple/Vintage Pink striped Pace crops and Pow Swiftly LS.

Fatigue "Camo" Wunder Under Pants on Website Were Really Pineapple Printed WUP

Thanks to Ms. P. and Ms. T. for the photos.
People who ordered the "Fatigue Camo" Wunder Under Pant from Monday's upload got a surprise in the mail. Instead of camo WUP they got new full on luon "Printed" Wunder Under pants with a greenish pineapple motif. The website had the wrong photo and I have to say I did notice that the photo on the website was of the larger retro camo rather than the more subtle Savasana 20 cm camo print. If it's any consolation to the people who ordered these, I don't think Fatigue Savasana Camo print Wunder Unders exist. I'm pretty sure the only kind of green camo Wunder Under Pants that have been spotted in stores are the older Wren Retro Camo that is polyester and not the new denim luon. According to your comments, lululemon is offering $25 "we're sorry" gift cards and free return shipping.

Try On Comments - Lightened Up Singlet & SS, Ruched Swiftly LS, and More

Caught on the hips and ballooning out in the back.

Back pleats add visual bulk.

Caught on hips.

Looks caught on hips.

Not a flattering silhouette.
I tried on the new Lightened Up Singlet and SS yesterday. I did not like the Singlet at all. I am a pear shape so found the hip area too snug. The top got stuck on them and then ballooned out in the midsection even more than the pleats already make it when on the hanger. I didn't want to size up because it would be too big in the chest area. Lululemon keeps coming out with these run tops made of the same material as Speed Shorts, Ultra Light Swift, but I haven't bought a single one yet. Though they are ultra light it seems to me once they get wet with sweat they'd just cling to me. Admittedly, my typical high sweat areas in the summer are the upper chest, under my boobs (sports bra takes the brunt of perspiration) and center upper back, which don't look to be problem areas in this top. Does anyone run in these swift tops? Do you like them? Better than a Swiftly tank or Silverescent top like the older Energy SL singlets? I also don't care for the lack of give in these tops compared to swiftly or silverescent tops. I'd say fit was TTS but if you are going to buy this tank, size it for your hips.

I liked the fit of the Lightened Up SS much better than the Singlet. It either allowed more flare for hips or the scalloped hem helped a lot with that area. It's not a bad shirt at all but if you are going to use it for running, I'd say buy it on the roomy side because the material does not have a ton of give. The fit on this was TTS.

Ruched Scoop Neck Swiftly LS, shown with Pace Crops, Free Reign Shorts, and Tracker II shorts. I really love the Pow color but I can't get on board with the ruching. It seems to add visual bulk and I didn't think it improved the fit of the LS Swiftly on me or other people in any of the try on photos I've seen. I am also not a giant fan of the Scoop Neck in the LS (or the SS for that matter). If I'm wearing a LS Swiftly it's because it's chilly out and the neck is one of the areas I feel cold earliest. I also find the scoop is too wide on me since I have narrow shoulders. I mean, if lululemon is going to monkey with the fit of Swiftly LS, then loosen the arms up a bit. Those are crazy tight and I hate not being able to push the sleeves more than an inch up my forearm (and really have to work it over my Garmin 610) because of how insanely tight the cuffs are. When I run in long sleeves I like to be able to push the arms up to cool off. That is one reason I love running in the Run in the Sun LS - so easy to push arms up and it never rides up.

New, fug cotton Deep V Pullover.

Saw these Pace crops in the store yesterday. The contrast "fish" stripes across the butt are two different colors - Pretty Purple and Vintage Pink - and it's super cute. I have a few pink swiftlys so would love to add these pace crops to my collection but I already have six pairs of run bottoms so don't need these...sigh.

Pipe Dream Swiftly with Pipe Dream Tracker II shorts. Also shown are Pretty Purple Tracker IIs.

Lightened Up LS
Do these sheer luon ls tops even sell that well? My store had a ton of Runamuck LS on the markdown racks. I like the sheer luon 105F just fine but find the material can sometimes feel scratchy in the ls and I just can't see what I would use this for other than a to/from or daytime pajamas.