Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More of the Latest

Secret Garden Free Reign Short, Lightened Up LS, and Groovy Run shorts.

Lightened Up LS

Lightened Up SS

Pace Crop (top) and Chase Me crop (bot). I think these photos have an filter on them because both crops look luminescent. 

Pow Pink Scoop LS Ruched Swiftly and Pace Rival Skirt.

Lightened Up Singlet

Australian Heads Up

Pigment Blue Baserunner hoodie

Quick Step Pants

Rise and Shine Jacket

Runday Crops

Dance Studio Jacket

Clear Mint, Antidote, and Silver Wee Space Speed Shorts
Australia got a bunch of Pigment Blue goodies, including Quick Step Pants and a Dance Studio Jacket. I don't understand why they are getting Runday crops and we're not. It's not like they are out of season since we are still getting Pace Queen Tights. Hey, North America buyer - order us Runday crops. The Pigment Blue Baserunner hoodie is gorgeous but I'm pretty sure we're done getting those since we are heading into summer. If you want it, you'll have to find an Australian angel to order it for you and forward it on to you.