Saturday, April 5, 2014

NEW! Dance Warrior Tank, Satya Tank, and Cashew Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Crops

New Dance Warrior Tank on top. This one looks like it's made of luxtreme. I love the straps in the back but suspect it would bring out my back fat. That bottom tank is cotton and called the Satya tank. I love dip dye. Also shown in the photo is a new color in the Dance Studio Jacket. These are from a NY state store.

New Cashew/Black Wee Are From Space Wunder Under crops. These are in the US. If they are uploaded Monday night I will order a pair. The latest batch of WAFS crops have been really nice - soft and opaque.

A brave woman takes one for the team and posts the backside view of the Tie One On pant. They look fine but I'm sure the outcome is dependent on knotting the pant in the right place.

Two more Tie One On Pant photos.

Update - the Satya tank is on the UK website: