Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Petite Fleur Runday Crops

Photo of the Petite Fleur Runday crops with a Lullaby Elevate Tank (and an Antidote Energy bra?!?!). This photo is from Australia so these aren't here yet. 

Also, check out the new Lullaby and Antidote Vinyasa scarves. This is from a Vancouver-area store. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

Scuba II Hoodie LOVE! ~OR~ Ribbed Side Panels, Why Did You Quit Us?

I went to my store in hopes they'd have the new Fatigue Scuba and other new things to try on and they did. It was love at first try-on for the Fatigue Scuba. I have a bunch of photos and measurements for you but the bottom line is the old fit is back on the Scuba hoodies.

There are a couple of Very Light Flare Accents on this scuba - some stitching around the hood symbol and the zipper tab is Very Light Flare.

How they all measure up - all are size 10s.
I made measurements on the new Fatigue Scuba II, an older Black Snowy Owl print original Scuba, and a Bleached Coral Scuba Hoodie Stretch Lined Hood.

The new Fatigue Scuba II is made of stretch cotton fleece and is super soft and very pliable. The material is not like the old stiff Scuba material. The older material was super windproof but the stretch cotton fleece is very comfortable. The Scuba II combines the best of both Scubas - the softer, stretchier fleece and the longer, more fitted silhouette of the older Scubas.

Length - I didn't line them up perfectly for the photo but the Fatigue Scuba II is about an inch longer than the Bleached Coral Scuba Stretch (Lined Hood). I took my tape measure and measured from the attachment point of the hood on the shoulder to the bottom hem.

Showing where I took the waist measurement.

Width - Though the jackets measure about the same at the armpits and bottom hem, the waist on the Scuba II (measured at the pocket attachment point) nips in a good inch more than the Scuba Stretch, restoring that great figure-flattering silhouette that everyone had been missing. The bad news is that if you have been cheating down in size because of the roomier midsection you'll have to go back to your old Scuba size.

All in all, it seems the old fit is back with a new softer and more pliable material. I foresee my Scuba collection growing, particularly if more irresistible colors and prints are released.

Lots of Transformation Wrap Photos

Love the whole outfit - gray Transformation Wrap, Cadet WAFS CRB, and Cadet Find Your Flow crops.

Fatigue and Beachscape Scubas, Antidote Vinyasa

I totally want this Fatigue Scuba II hoody. I think it's heathered but am not sure.

Photos of the new Heathered Cadet Beachscape Scuba.

New Antidote Vinyasa. Antidote is one of my favorite colors ever, particularly for a bra that peeks out from underneath tanks. I really hope we see some Swiftly tops in Antidote, too.