Thursday, March 6, 2014

Try On Reports

I tried on the new Roll Down Wunder Unders that people have been talking about. There are a few different flavors of these - there are black full on luon, heathered medium gray luon, and a cotton version in heathered black and heathered medium gray. I tried on the black full on luon and heathered black cotton ones today. I really liked both a lot. I wasn't sure about full on luon fabric when it first came out but the material used in the roll down Wunder Under crops is perfect - cottony soft, not shiny, not too compressive, good coverage, and decently opaque. I have a pair of full on luon Practice Daily crops and find the material wonderfully breathable. The fit of the Full On Luon Roll Down crops was TTS.

I know a lot of people are looking at the Roll Down WUCs in the hopes that the higher waist will smooth them a bit in the tummy area, or at least not give them Wunder Under muffin top, but I found the waistband on the full on luon ones rolled out a little right at the very top. I also found them a little too high on me - just over my belly button - when in the high rise position (I'm 5' 5"). You also lose the waistband pocket in these and that is a must for me because that's where I stash my ipod when at the gym. The logo is at the waistband on these. However, my complaints are very nit-picky and I think this style is a winner in the black full on luon fabric.

As far as the cotton Heathered Black Roll Down Wunder Under goes, I loved those and took them home with me. I am a huge fan of the new Practice Cotton fabric - it's opaque, has great coverage (i.e., smooths out dimples), breathable, pilling resistant, and super soft. It also doesn't bag out. I've worn my ombre Live Naturals a few times before I washed them and there wasn't any bagging. Practice cotton is awesomely comfortable. The waistband didn't do the rolling thing in the cotton on me. I found the fit TTS and you can size down for a more compressive fit and still have nice opacity and coverage.

I got my Fatigue Camo Cool Racerback in the mail today. The fabric has a high poly content and is on the shiny side but it's silky-feeling and breathable. The green tones in the tank are very pretty and I'm fairly sure I'm keeping this tank even though it's super trendy and I'm almost sick of green camo at this point. ;-)

I tried on the camo Forme jacket in the store today. The material has a high polyester content and is shiny. It's not scratchy and the greens are very pretty. I think it looks great in most every photo I've seen of it but I'm pretty sure I'd quickly get tired of a jacket in this print so I left it at the store.

I also tried on the Petite Fleur Forme jacket at the store and was surprised that it was a high poly fabric. I know the Not So Petite Fleur Wunder Under crops are made of the new denim luon so I expected the Forme to be matte denim. The jacket had a sheen and the print is muted in this fabric. It's cute enough and unique but I didn't love it on me so it stayed at the store.

I also tried the After Asana jacket on in the Not So Petite Fleur and really like the jacket style a lot. I also liked the print, too. The french terry is lighter than that used in the Scuba and a nice weight for the summer. I thought the fit was a figure hugging true to size. I definitely have my eye out for these in case the hit the markdown rack.

Shown with Heathered Black Roll Down Cotton Wunder Under Crops.
I tried on the After Asana pullover and liked it. The fabric and style is very comfy. I like how the back covers your rear but I don't love the side view where you can see the big difference in height between the front and back hems and that the hem on the back is rounded and the front is not. The fit is a roomy TTS. I liked this top well enough but $88 seems like a lot for a super casual sweatshirt top.

I tried on the Carry and Go pant in the Telemark Cadet blue material. I liked them and found them TTS. They came to about ankle length on me so I needed to roll them up to get the same look as the web model.

I got my black camo Wunder Under crops in the mail today. The print is more noticeable than is apparent in the photos. The denim material is on the thicker side and I couldn't see my underwear in my home mirror but I might bring them to the store with me to check myself out in the three way mirror. I am on the fence about keeping them since I have a ton of black crops already and I have been spending a lot lately. I'll have to play with them a little more with various tops tomorrow and think about it. 

I also got my Wee Space Cadet Blue Forme Jacket today. I really like it - the material has no polyester in it and it soft and thicker. I want to try on a few more tops with it but I am leaning towards keeping it. 

What 'Sup Hat And Throw Me Over Scaf

The two hats on the right are the men's All Sport Hat, $32.

New What 'Sup Hat. I like the gray plaid one a lot though I'd like a look at the back view. $28. The two plaid hats on the right are the men's All Sport Cap, $32. They don't have mesh on the back.

New Throw Me Over Scarf, $58. The print parts are made of luxtreme.

Still Pants are back, shown with In the Flow and Carry and Go pant.