Saturday, March 1, 2014

Should There Be Purchase Limits on the Hot Items?

Ugh, nothing chaps my hide more than hearing/learning about people buying out size runs in stores making it impossible for people to get the latest hot item they are searching for. Milky Way Wunder Under Crops and Camo Speed Shorts were particularly tough for people to find this week. Stores limit purchase of new Lego sets, another popular item for eBay flippers, maybe lululemon ought to consider doing the same for in-store purchases.

NEW! Black Camo Energy Bra, NEW After Asana Jacket, NEW Lullaby Blue Wee Space No Limit Tank

Just arrived in a US store, a black camouflage Energy Bra. I wonder if a green camo one will be coming.

New Lullaby/Cadet Wee Space Blue No Limit tank. I am loving Lullaby and hope a CRB comes in the color.

New After Asana jacket in the Not So Petite Fleur print. I really like this print but so many people have remarked how it looks like granite. I like the looks of this jacket and can't wait to try it on.