Friday, February 28, 2014

Denim Milky Way Print Has Hidden Lululemon Symbol

There was a time when most (all?) lululemon prints had the little 'A' symbol hidden somewhere in the print. I used to get a kick searching for them but then they disappeared from most prints. It gives my lulu-geek heart a little flutter to see a "hidden lulu" (as I like to call them) in this print.

Glacier Lace has the hidden lulu

Citron Tinted Canvas - not such a hidden lulu

Unicorn Tears had them

Black Roses had them.

Gulf Undulation print was made up of the little 'A' symbol

 Multi Up and Down print (don't judge) had them in the flower centers.

What's In the Stores and Some Fit Comments

Also shown is a Bali Breeze Nice Asana jacket.

Shown with a Cadet Blue Nice Asana Jacket.

I tired on the new denim luon Silver Spoon Floral Platoon Wunder Under Pants today and really, really liked them. Like the new denim Milky Way Wunder Under crops they are opaque and nicely breathable (and fit TTS). I was very tempted to get them but I'd much prefer this print in crops so I can wear them all year long.

I also tried on the new Wunder Under Pant Print in full on luon and liked the feel of the fabric a lot - it was very brushed cotton-feeling and not too compressive, unlike earlier versions of full on luon. One unusual thing about these pants is that they didn't have a rip out tag but had a stamped tag, like lululemon used to have years ago. I wonder if LLL is going away from the rip out tags. There was no size dot in the pocket, either. I thought the fit was TTS.

My store had the new Camo Speed Tights in size 8 and under so I wasn't able to try them on but they looked cute. My store also didn't have any black camo Wunder Under crops and I'm not sure if they have even hit US stores yet.

I tried on the new Creamsicle Pop Swiftly LS - it's really Heathered Creamsicle Pop this time around - and found it very soft and nicely opaque. I was tempted to get it but I'll wait for the short sleeve version so I can get more use out of it.

New Wee Stripe Medium Gray/White Nice Asana jacket.

The Soot/Very Light Flare Pace Queen Tight. I really like when lululemon does the contrasting piping on the waistbands. They should do more of these.

New Skinny Groove Pants are out.

I'm not sure why Digni Tees are back again. The color they are out in are older - Aquamarine and Bleached Coral.

Camo Pace Breakers

Man, the Boca TC store really knows what it's doing when it comes to hiring male educators. :P  (A little Friday treat for you, ladies.)