Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Latest in the Stores

My haul from the store today - the denim Milky Way Wunder Under crops and a Beachscape Multi Cool Racerback and Bangbuster. I found the crops to be breathable (compared to my other denim WUs), TTS, and nicely opaque. These are flying off the shelves.

 I also tried on the new Yogi Anorak today and really liked it. I thought it fit TTS.

New reversible Burgundy/Black Wunder Under pants. Shown with the Cadet Blue Yogi Anorak and a Bali Breeze Scuba II hoodie.

Foral Platoon Silver Spoon Wunder Under crops. 

A couple more photos of the Denim Milky Way Wunder Under crops. It looks super nice with black tops.

The new Bali Breeze and Camo Speed Shorts.

The Diamond Dot Skinny Groove Pants. Shown with the Mountain Tank in the top phots.

Beachscape CRBs. Shown with  Print Wunder Under pants, Medium Gray In the Flow Crops, and Breathe Easy bra.

Print Wunder Under pants.

Medium Gray Mountain Tank

NEW Denim Black Camo Wunder Under Crops in Canada

I've been waiting for some store photos to pop up on these but so far none have shown up - from the various Facebook boards (thanks to Ms. T. and Ms. T. for these) - new denim luon Black Camo Wunder Under crops have popped up in Canadian stores only. I am reading these are TTS and nicely opaque.