Sunday, February 16, 2014

NEW Inspire Crop Colors and More

Some new colors in the Inspire crops - solid Cadet Blue (first photo) and the ones with the Vintage Pink waistband look like they are Cadet Blue Black/Soot 1/8 stripe (could be hyperstripe, I suppose, since the stripes look close together). Also shown in the top photo is a Heathered Cadet Blue Swiftly tank. I have the SS in this color and really like it, it's soft and thick. I was thinking I might like a Cadet Blue pair of run crops to wear with it since black crops don't do it justice. I definitely want to try out the striped Inspires.

New Hi Low Shine Tights. Shown with Cadet Blue Forme and Vintage Pink WAFS Power Y.

Camo Power Y in the top photos and All Sport bra in the bottom photo.

New colors in the headbands, including a close up of the new denim print. I still don't have a name for that print.

From Australia, the Lightened Up Pullover in Very Light Flare.

Om Onward leg warmers and scarves.

1/8 Stripe Bali Breeze/Clear Mint stripe Pace Setter skirt.

From Australia, a Vintage Pink Ebb to Street tank. Shown with Hi Low Wunder Unders in Double Diamond print (I think).

After Asana Pant, Vintage Pink Wee Space Power Y, and Cadet Blue Forme Jacket.

Mountain Light Tank and Vintage Pink Wee Space Wunder Under crops.