Monday, February 10, 2014


Rise and Shine Jacket II in Not So Petite Fluer - really like this print.

Rise and Shine Jacket II in camo.

New Lighten Up Pullover made of Swift in Cadet Blue.

New Scuba II, with ribbed side panels and longer length (Yay!), in Antidote (another Yay!) and pretty Righteous Stripe Bordeaux Drama.

Pretty new Every Yogi in Tonka Tee Engineer Heathered Multi. I've been waiting for a print or stripe to show up in the Every Yogi. I need to try it on to see if the sizing is the same as my older Every Yogis.

New Vitasea Mountain Tank. This tank looks promising but I want a try on.

New Run Righteous Tank.

Vintage Pink (I've been calling Zing Pink) Wee Are From Space Power Y.

Cotton Live Natural Crop

A number of interesting new designs debuted tonight. Most everything I like will need a try on so I didn't get anything. It works out fine since I went a little berserk last week (I'll be keeping the Heathered Cadet Swiftly SS, Bali Breeze Swiftly tank, and Rad Plaid Tracker II shorts. The Very Light Flare CRB will be going back since it's a bit on the neon side and I already have a Flare CRB.)

Did you get anything tonight?

Flow N Go Tank is Back, Zing Pink Wee Space Wunder Unders are in the US and More

The Flow N Go Tank is back, shown here is Vintage pink.  The top photo shows it with the Zing Pink Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Crops. The bottom shows it with Cadet Blue Reversible Wunder Under Crops.

Zing Pink WAFS Wunder Under Crops.

New Special Edition Embroidered Chakra Scuba Hoodies in four colors. 

Detail photos of the new Chakra Scubas.

New Om for All Gym bag in Fatigue Green and Black. There is also a bone color, shown at the top of this post with the Vintage Pink Flow N Go tank.