Monday, February 3, 2014


Iconic Wrap

New print - beachscape multi

New Cut the Crop luxtreme crops

New rulu Love Some Run LS in Light Flare

New traveling yogini rucksak in Lullaby blue

New pink - Vintage Pink Energy bra

So many goodies uploaded tonight. It looks like the old Scuba is back under the name, Scuba II. It has ribbed side panels and a longer length - yay! A new print was hinted at in a headband - Beachscape Multi. It has a tie-dye look to it so I'm ALL IN on it. I ended up ordering the Rad Plaid Flare Tracker II shorts, Flare Cool Racerback, Bali Breeze Swiftly tank, and Cadet Blue Swiftly SS tee.

What did you order?

Bali Breeze Power Y, Hottie Hot Skirt, and More

New Bali Breeze / Fresh Teal Power Y.

The Heathered Cadet Blue Swiftly. This is on my list to get.

The Hotty Hot skirts in white, Bali Breeze, and Light Flare. Shown with the In a Flash Singlets and Very Light Flare Cool Racerback.

The Fo Drizzle Rain Jacket in Black and Fatigue.

 The Spring Fling Puffy Vest and Windbreaker.

New Striped Tracker II Short Print, Hotty Hot Short, and More

Cute new Tracker II short pattern. I really like these, too. Drat this spring collection is going to bankrupt me. Also shown is a Bali Breeze Run Time Tank.

New Hotty Hot short in Cadet Blue. Shown with a Bali Breeze In a Flash Singlet.

Another Bali Breeze Run Time tank.

I really like Cadet Blue Run Time tank with the Flare plaid Tracker II shorts.

Run Time Tank photos.

Bali Breeze Swiftly Tank and Flare Plaid Tacker II shorts.

Spotted in New Zealand - Solid Bali Breeze Cool Racerback

With Guava Speed Shorts

Reader Ms. J. sent me a photo of a new solid Bali Breeze Cool Racerback. Shown in the bottom photo is a Very Green Free to Be bra on top of the CRB. Ms. J. said the CRB is soft and thick.

NEW! Run Times Tank and More of the Latest

New Run Times tank in Cadet Blue and Bali Breeze. Also shown are the plaid Tracker II shorts and a Light Flare In a Flash Singlet.

More photos of thew plaid Tracker II shorts.

Photo of the new Heathered Cadet Blue Swiftly SS. I think I need this top. Also shown is the Race with Grace half zip.

Bali Breeze Hot Hotty Skirt, Very Light Flare Cool Racerback and Silver Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker.

More Spring Fling Puffy Vest photos.

Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker.

The Fo Drizzle Rain Jacket. This also comes in Fatigue Green.

All three new jackets - Spring Fling Puffy Vest, Puffy Windbreaker, and Fo Drizzle rain jacket.