Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice Queen Tights and More

Photo of the new Ice Queen tights with reflective details at the ankle. The Ice Queens are made of brushed luxtreme. Shown with the Race with Grace Half zip. I've worn my Race with Grace a lot this weekend and took it on a walk last night. It's my first brushed luxtreme pullover and I have to say I really like how brushed lux cuts the wind. The flattering fit and details on this pullover are super nice. If they hit markdown I will definitely be looking for a second one.

More Ice Queen Tight photos. Shown with a Core Kicker Tank and a 105F Singlet.

Fresh Teal Ebb to Street Tank

A couple more Mula Bundle Wraps that make it look halfway decent.

Team Specialized-Lululemon Kit

Tiffany Cromwell and Evelyn Stevens

Thanks to Ms. S. for the heads up on photos of the new Team Specialized-Lululemon Kit. I really like this print and am hoping the women's line is going to see it, too. (If anyone knows the women's line is getting this print please comment.) These photos are from the twitter feeds of Tiffany Cromwell and Specialized Lululemon.