Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Three-Day Canadian Warehouse Sale...Sold Out in 24 Hours

The Canadian Warehouse sale was supposed to be a three-day event but this is the message that pops up now - the stuff is all gone and the sale is over. Some people are speculating that perhaps an on line sale was tried since there wasn't enough product to fill a real warehouse sale. I guess that could be true. Or, it could be the case because you have a much wider audience through the web you can sell a lot of product quickly. Prices were slashed this afternoon to move lingering items:

(Thanks to Lulumum for the screencaps.)

I would think Lululemon would have to be happy with how the on line sale turned out. There is a rumor that the American side will get their own sale, too, but I am not sure how solid that is.

Fleet Street Hoodie, Race With Grace Crops, and More

This top isn't as bad as the website photos would lead you to believe. I wonder if it's more breathable than the Reflect Jacket which has all the breathability as a sauna suit.

Race with Grace Crops.

The latest Swiftly tops in Baroque Blue, Zing Pink, Fresh Teal, and White.

The Lavender Dusk 105F Singlet looks so cute with the Pop Plaid Speed shorts. I cannot wait until that print is released here in the Groove short. Also shown is a Pink Zing Swiftly tank.

New Tame Me Tanks in Baroqoue Blue and Fresh Teal.

The new Core Kicker Tank.

Bright Bomber Jacket and Pink Zing Speed Shorts

New Hi Low Wunder Under Pants in Baroque Blue

Wow, Lululemon Really Doesn't Want Non-Canadians to See The Warehouse Sale

Wow, so the workaround I gave you guys last night - using a Canadian proxy site - no longer works for us to see what is in the Warehouse sale. In fact, many free proxy sites are blocked from what I understand. I just don't get what the big deal is. I saw what is for sale and wasn't bummed out at all since it's so old and the prices are only ok (well, from my point of view, once I add in Canada's double digit taxes plus the cost of mailing to me and paypal fees if I had asked a friend to angel items for me). I wish the lulu IT crew put this much effort into making sure the upload nights went smoothly. Get your priorities straight, lulu - making the sale of new, FULL PRICE merchandise as easy as possible for your customers.

Anyway, for those of you who didn't use the proxy site in time, I have screen captures for you (thanks to Mr. E. for some of these):

Update - most of this stuff is gone and/or only in size two and went very early after being uploaded. I'd say the on-line warehouse sale went well, though I am hearing of the now-standard payment processing problems (I guess the IT team was too busy banning proxy sites to make sure payment went through on the first try.)

Update II - Reader Rebecca thinks non-Canadian IPs were blocked because we would take up server response time and clog the system. This makes sense to me, even if I was frustrated by it.