Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More of the Latest and Australian Heads Up

Love the Race With Grace Half Zip with the Pop Plaid Multi Speed Shorts.

Pink Zing Wunder Under Crops with the Race With Grace Half Zip

Shown with Bandit Track Pant

Shown with Zing Pink and Lavender Inspire Crops.

Shown with Speed Tights (I think)

More Race with Grace photos.

From Australia, photos of the new Core Kicker Tank.

In Australia - The Hot Hitter Sleeveless Polo and Skirt are back.

New items uploaded to the Australian and/or Hong Kong websites:

Pink Zing All Sport

Pop Plaid Multi Groovy Run shorts - definitely getting these

Yin to my Yang Cardi

Solid Zing Pink CRB

More of the Latest

I love the Petal Pop Multi Tame Me Tank paired with the Pink Zing Wunder Under Crops.

Baroque Blue and Pink Zing Inspire Crops.

Post Practice Cardi Photos.

Chai Time II photos. Also shown are the camo Wunder Under Pants.

Race With Grace Half Zip Photos

Tons of photos of the Race With Grace Half Zip. I ordered the Baroque Blue last night but I really like the Fresh Teal in every photo I've seen. That color also looks great against Inkwell. I might go back and order the Freah Teal one, too.