Monday, January 13, 2014


Quite a few cute new items were uploaded tonight. I ordered the Baroque Blue Race With Grace Half Zip and the Apex Stripe Zing pink light CRB tonight. There were a few other things I really liked - all the Zing Pink Swiftly tops, the Zing Pink Forme Jacket, the Post Practice Cardi, the Zing Pink Striped scoop neck tank but I want to see them in the store first.

Did you get anything?

Australian Product Notice Heads Up

The new tank is the Core Kicker Tank. I'm going to be it's luxtreme.

Two cute new Speed Short prints.

Pink Zing All Sport Bra

Thanks to a reader for providing a link to her Australian product notice email. Some cute new items are coming.

Bright Bomber Jacket and More

Bright Bomber Jacket

Baroque Blue Race with Grace Pullover

Post Practice Cardi

More Chai Time photos.

New Healthy Heart Pullover Photo

Another photo of the new pullover. I don't have a name yet. It's called the Healthy Heart Pullover. The sleeves look like a different material than the body.

Heathered lavender Swiftly LS - I really like this.

NEW! Bright Bomber Jacket, New Healthy Heart Pullover, and New Tank

New reflective Bright Bomber jacket.

Photos from a strategic partner store. I don't have names on these new items but the middle photo shows a new tank in Lavender Apex stripe and the bottom photo shows a new pullover - the Healthy Heart Pullover -  I'm hoping it's brushed in luxtreme but it looks like there are multiple fabrics that make it up. Also shown on that rack of clothing is a new color in the Energy bra, new Push UR Limits tanks (I think), and new Swiftly colors.

Wren Camouflage Wunder Under Pants and More

Wren camouflage Wunder Under Pants have hit US stores. Shown with the Post Practice Cardi and Chai Time pullover.

Beautiful Baroque Race with Grace Half Zip

Post Practice Cardi

Chai Time Pullovers

Peplum Tunic

Race with Grace Pullover and More

With coordinating Petal Pop Multi Inspire Crops

Showing ipod cord tunnel - yay!
More Race with Grace Pullover photos. It's made of brushed Power Luxtreme. The one fit review I have read said it is a snuggish TTS.

Another Chai Time photo

The Post Practice Cardi

NEW! Baroque Blue Race with Grace Brushed Luxtreme Pullover and More

Also shown are Pink Zing Inspires

More photos of the new Race With Grace brushed luxtreme Half Zip Pullover. This also comes in White and Black. I love the Barqoue blue one. Also shown is the new Run On Duffel.

Chai Time Pullover

Lavender Dusk Forme

Pink Zing and Apex Stripe Power Ys

New waistband in the Wunder Under Pant