Monday, January 6, 2014


Canada got a Zing Pink Forme, lucky ducks.

Some cute things uploaded tonight but I didn't get anything. I briefly considered getting a second Free to Be Wild bra but I had to hop on the elliptical today at the gym while waiting for a step mill to open up and I was jiggling all over the place wearing it so it's kind of a useless bra for me. I love the Zing Pink Forme Canada got.

Did you get anything?

Roll Out Tank and More

More Roll Out tank and Crop photos.

Back to Class Backpack. Shown with Speed Tight and Weightless Crew.

Bust A Move Jacket and Pants

Flip Your Dog LS

Fresh Teal Forme Jacket

Free to Be Bra Wild

Paris Perfection Tank and Run Reflect Jacket

Push UR Limits Tank with In a Flash Shorts

Weightless Crew photos.

NEW! Roll Out Tank and Crop

Thank goodness something new has arrived. My lululemon ADD has been kicking in hard lately. New Roll Out Tank Silver with a Seriously Light luon out layer on top of a luxtreme bra. The Roll Out crops are full on luon with ribbed luxtreme panels. The black seaming down the middle of the contrasting fabric in the back looks awful. I don't understand why they didn't construct the crops exactly like the Pace crops in the back:

Run: Pace Crops