Thursday, December 25, 2014


lululemon anytime dress alberta lake

lululemon anytime dress deenie
New Anytime Dresses in Alberta Lake And Deenie Stripe. (US)

lululemon define jacket
A very showy herringbone Define jacket showed up. I like it.

lululemon free to be wild bra

lululemon free to be wild bra
New Free to Be Wild bra colors. Canada got a couple of these to a size 12 but for some reason the US did not.

lululemon speed short

lululemon inspire crop

lululemon inspire crops
New Heathered Black and the Textured Wave Inspire crops finally showed up on the website. I bought the Textured Wave ones the other day in the store - great coverage.

lululemon race with grace half zip
The Race With Grace Half Zips were uploaded to the US. I am thinking of ordering Atomic Red.

lululemon spring fling

lululemon studio tank
The US only got black in the Studio Racerback. I'm hoping to see this in the store tomorrow.

lululemon atomic red swiftly

lululemon caspian swiftly

Atomic Red Swiftly tank and Caspian SS Swiftly. No Atomic SS Swiftly for the US, nor the UV SS Swiftly. My store had a Caspian LS Swiftly on Wednesday.

lululemon turn it up ls

lululemon turn it up ls
New Turn It Up LS in Inkwell and Atomic Red.

lululemon dream rose scuba

lululemon namaskar hoodie
Canada got the Namaskar hoodies. I know for a fact my local stores have this in.

lululemon speed tight

So far, I only ordered a black Mantra Tote off WMTM. Did you get anything tonight?

Update - I went back ordered the Dream Rose Deep Coal/Black Scuba.


Anonymous said...

I found WMTM disappointing! Only purchased a pink Flow Y bra.

Anonymous said...

I missed out on the alberta lake anytime dress by seconds. Bummed but I already have an inkwell one :) although they may get it in my store. I picked up FTBW bras but not sure how I will like the colors in real life.
Happy to get 2 speed shorts on WMTM I purchased for full price a few weeks ago. Yay for the longer return policy!

Anonymous said...

Please do your review of the year, LLA! Love your analyses!

Anonymous said...

Glad I didn't stay up for any of that. Contemplated a couple of things on WMTM, but then remembered why I passed on them at full price, and passed on them again. I got the Anytime dress in Alberta Lake, which is way outside my comfort zone as I don't wear dresses, but I'm really tall so I plan to give it a try as a tunic layering piece. That plus an earwarmer was it. I like the Textured Wave pattern (US did get these in Speed Tights), but I only buy brushed speed tights, not regular luxtreme or full-on luxtreme, so passed on those too. I've been working really hard on the virtue of patience - if it isn't exactly the color, fabric, style, and size I want, I let it go, and often later on, it or something like it will appear that IS what I wanted. I lose a few things that way, but I sure have cut down on my returns, too! We'll see how well this goes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a Boxing Day disappointment!!! I have money to spend but nothing to spend it on. Hopefully the stores have better markdowns than the online store does.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the Stress Less Hoodie? I can't imagine that would have sold out within hours.

Unknown said...

I ordered the black Mantra tote and the To Class Jacket in burlap black. Glad I did too...that sold out quickly! Still may head over to my local store today to check for other markdowns.

Unknown said...

Nothing in pants in the oil slick camo? I was hoping for the high times pair.

Anonymous said...

i also ordered the mantra tote in black. im hoping it's not too plasticky looking in real life. anyone have one already? the reviews are pretty good but there aren't many. i was looking at it before it went to wmtm so i figured it was worth grabbing. i have a rule im not allowed to order anything on sale that i wouldnt have bought at full price, esp since their "sales" are often so crappy.
i am thinking about the dream rose speed shorts. i dont like crazy colored shorts so these might be a nice addition to my collection, but i cant tell if the pattern is too subtle & they will just look dirty or something. plus the fit has been so weird lately. i guess i can just return them if i dont like them, but that becomes such a pain. anyone seen these in person?
i have been waiting all season for a pair of pants i want to buy, but so far zero. i am not a fan of any of the high wasted pants (high times, roll downs, etc). i tried them on in store expecting to love them but i hated them. i love the reg wunder under waist, i wish they would come out with some interesting but not crazy normal wunder unders. i was also underwhelmed by the pique and i cant understand the craze over herringbone. but im glad lulu listened to customers and provided so many more options this year for you all. ive been contemplating the ivivva pique tights but the pics on the website arent very good, i cant get a good idea if i'd like them or not. i have a showroom near me but they dont tend to love when an adult comes in shopping for herself ;-) i came really close to buying their new version of the gratitude wrap but as usual they cant seem to get the neck right, and i was disappointed it doesnt button all the way down. at least it saved me $80.
thanks LLA and everyone else who is so helpful on this blog. happy holidays to all of you! :-)

Unknown said...

I was looking for the Stress Less too. I hope I didn't miss it!! I wasn't too impressed with what came out. I got the pink circle scarf on WMTM and that was about it. I'm tempted by the gray and black Cardi All Day because I love my inkwell one, but I'm thinking I might find it a bit cheaper if they still have it in the store. And the To/-Class Jackets are one of my favs!! I have all of them and I wear them all the time

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me, either on upload or in store (I was one of the crazy people at the mall at 6:30 a.m.). I went into Lulu to return a CRB that I had purchased two of to be able to pick pattern placement, and they were pretty much wiped out. No scubas at all in sizes 4-6-8. I checked out the Namaskar hoodie - didn't like the feel of the fabric - and the Movement Hoodie which was cute but not $108 cute. Was disappointed not to be able to pick up a new Energy Bra, they just didn't have anything new. THey had a fair number of markdowns but I recently got some tanks at another location for $19 so I thought I'd quit while I was ahead.
That Dream Rose Deep Coal Scuba looks intriguing, but I'm hoping they'll do a Dottie Rose print so keeping my fingers crossed and holding out since I really really really don't need another scuba. But just in case... any idea if they'll be doing the discounted scubas online tomorrow? Didn't they do that on the 27th last year?

Anonymous said...

The US did get the inspire crops in the heather black with the dottie dream rose waistband. I ordered them last night.

Anonymous said...

I went to the westport ct store and found much nicer items marked down, all the what the fluff items were $129, I got the think fast hoodie for $59 and the radiant long sleeve for $39! worth checking out your local store!

Anonymous said...

Went into a local store near me and they had nothing worthwhile marked down either. What a total disappointment.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:06 am - thanks!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:27 AM. I too purchased the Mantra Tote in black from wmtm this morning. When it came out in stores I examined it then. I thought the black version was a good size and not too big or small, decent and not cheap looking. I declined to pay full price though and am glad I went with waiting it out for markdown. I also ordered the Think Fast LS in white herringbone and am glad I waited on that too. I'm just back from holiday visits today and tomorrow I may check out a store for markdowns but imagine much of it will be gone and very picked over. A few things I would still like are full price anyway, and I'm just waiting it out in weeks to come, lol.