Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UK and HK Spoilers

Quick Change Vest - this is in Canadian stores now.

Snapshot Crew, made of polartech fleece. Also comes in white. I believe this is $128. It's in Canadian stores now.

Solo Blouse, made of swim material. Comes in Black and cream.

New Parallel Stripe and Capillano Stripe Cool Racerbacks.

New Movement Hoodies.

Deep Coal Brushed Speed tights.

New Sashiko print Wunder Unders - Heathered Texture Lotus Camo Oil Slick Blue/Inkwell/Pebble Print Pafrait Prink Alberta Lake.

It looks like Parallel Stripe Runday crops will make a return - yay!

New Roll Around Tee

Find Your Zen Short Sleeve


Anonymous said...

While I'm glad to see a new brushed speed tight, I'm sort of agitated by the lackluster selection they've been putting out.... Bright RED? No thanks! Why not herringbone or pique or striped or something FUN?

Anonymous said...

I saw the quick change vest in stores. It is truly horrible.

heather said...

solo blouse looks like a scrub jacket

Anonymous said...

As an expat living in the UK I'm beginning to feel like all the ugly, hard to sell stuff gets sent over here. Where is all the winter tech gear???

Anonymous said...

i am unable to wrap my head around this stuff. I saw the jacket/vest in the first picture at the Union Square NYC store and the material is really nice and looks durable; if only they had put sleeves on this vest thing.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for rundays! Hope Canada gets them this time around. I missed out last year and they didn't come to stores in parallel stripe. Hoping we see ALL the Think fast hoodies soon too.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, so much ugly going on here

Anonymous said...

Lol, Heather, yes!! I wear those at work, don't need to be sporting one out and about!

Anonymous said...

Lol, NAILED IT, Heather!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is awful with the exception of the CRB's and the Brushed Speed Tights.

I do not get the patches on the sashiko print wu's - they just make them so ugly.

Anonymous said...

my man just jokingly asked me the other day "is this lulu?" and pointed to my scrub top... I usually am wearing at least one or two lulu items when I'm not in work scrubs. and I laughingly said that it was lulu, they make scrubs too! .... well, now we won't have to joke about it!