Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Newest Britt's Picks

lululemon race with grace
The latest Britt's Picks are up. There will be two uploads next week - Tuesday and Thursday (Christmas). I need to research a little bit how uploads worked last Christmas with regards to Christmas Day and Boxing Day uploads and then I'll update this.

Anywhoo - I'm excited to see the Race With Grace Half Zip back. I bought one of these last year and really liked it.  It's has a simple cut that is very flattering. The PO has a kangaroo pocket with a phone pocket and cord tunnel, cuffins, a nice high neck, and a two way zipper on the chest. The brushed luxtreme is great for cutting the wind.  It's very slim fitting through the mid section so I wouldn't size down in this. Since Light Flare has shown back up in the Swiftlys, I'm going to guess that the pullover is also Light Flare.

Hmm, is the Studio Racerback yet another Cool Racerback replacement?

lululemon namaskar hoodie
lululemon movement jacket

I really love the new Atomic Flower print.

lululemon run away tee

lululemon speed tight

lululemon spring fling

lululemon free to be wild
A reversible bra, hmmm? Not seeing the appeal from the photo but I'll wait until I see more photos and try on reports.


Anonymous said...

The only item that interests me is the Sprng Fling pullover and it's US only at this point; hope it comes to Canada before January 11th so I can make a decision between it and the Ghost Fleecy Keen Jacket I haven't taken the tags off of yet.

heather said...

maybe the studio tank is like a refresh racer but in vitasea. and not a crb replacement

LuluAddict said...

@heather - I was wondering that.

Anonymous said...

Have there been talks of LLL actually discontinuing the CRB? Or is this just speculation? If it's legitimately coming down the road, I'll have to stock up on CRBs since they're my favorite.

Anonymous said...

the race with grace is a really nice top I love mine and will definitely get this one I love the color orange for running. I also like the namaskar hoodie and the inspires.


LuluAddict said...

I don't know if I am up for an orange LS top but I do love oranges in the Persimmon-ish family. I hope there is a pretty blue, pink, or purple coming, too. Something solid.

LuluAddict said...

That Namaskar hoodie write up says the material is sweat wicking so I'm wondering if the atomic flower print is luon or luxtreme and not a french terry.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Run Away Tee. I've been using mine a lot at the gym recently. They're a good basic.
I'm hoping to see a few more Alberta Lake items..

Anonymous said...

Canada is getting garbage for uploads :(