Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Textured Stripe Black Deep Coal High Times Pant and More

lululemon high times pant textured stripe
Drats, this photo made me order these. I am afraid if I didn't I'd miss out on the next CSS, QS, PS (Coal Strata Stripe, Quiet Stripe, Parallel Stripe) hot thing. These are the Textured Stripe Black Deep Coal High Times Pant. Also shown is a Cardi All Day Sweater, Yogi Muscle Tee (I think), and a Fly Away Tamer headband.

lululemon brown herringbone
The brown Giant Herringbone Wunder Under Pants. Shown with the Wild Tank. These are the bottoms that people say are more brown than black when you see them in person.A reader writes in to say these are definitely brown (man, do I "need" these, too?) and the color is identified incorrectly as black on the website.

lululemon quick change vest
The Quick Change Vest. 

lululemon rise and shine trouser pant
Scoop Back LS and Rise and Shine Trouser Pant.

lululemon scuba
Stained Glass Love White/Neutral Blush Scuba. I love it but can't help feeling it would look much better on my sixteen year old niece than me.


Anonymous said...

i haven't been a fan of the stained glass print at all, but i like this scuba. i don't think it's too juvenile, LLA - you should try it!

also, what size have people been getting in the high times pants?

Anonymous said...

Hey LLA! I have the Giant Herringbone WUP. It's definitely brown, not just "more brown than black when you see them in person". The actual color code: GHWE/Q581 Giant Herringbone W(?) Earth/Quilt 581. Different than the color given online, when you order it, which is :giant herringbone black heathered black/wi14 quilt 2
I love it! :)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:44 pm - good to know. Everyone who has them says they are definitely brown so glad to know the website has the color code wrong.

JK said...

I really like the textured stripe pattern but am not sold on the High Times. I think I would prefer WUPs. Do you know what the inseam is on the High Times, LLA? The website does not list it, just says "7/8 length."

Anonymous said...

How did you find the fit? Tts?

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA! Thank you for all the time you put into your blog- I follow it religiously! Also, I went to try on the Giant Herringbone WUP (the ones that are brownish in person) and found them to be quite snug in my normal size!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the coal stripe high times in terms of tts or size up?

Anonymous said...

I just sent you a pic of the brown herringbone next to my giant herringbone black skinny wills. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think the scuba is juvenile, I think it looks really nice light and airy colors.


Anonymous said...

Under the Australian side, there is a bag called All Day Asana in camo. Has this bag come out in the US? Or can we expect it later? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I can't warm up to striped tights for myself; I prefer solids and subtle patterns like Herringbone. Either I missed them last night or Inkwell High Times pants were loaded overnight to the Canadian site. I ordered those today.

I now have five pairs with tags; black (keepers), burgundy, coco pique, herringbone and inkwell. I will definitely be returning at least one, if not two pairs. I absolutely love the way these fit, but I can't see myself needing more than three pairs of them. Right now burgundy is on my return list; I love Inkwell too much to let them go and they're neutral. When Herringbone gets here I'll decide if they're too close to Coco Pique to justify both. I haven't seen any side by side pics of the fabric.

Amy B said...

Has this stained glass scuba been released? I have been waiting for it to show up on the site and have not seen it!

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, anon 1:49 pm! I got a comparison photo of them, too, today when I went to the store. I will look for your email.

@ anon 1:09 pm - I agree. I thought the brown herringbone WUPS felt snug, too. The ed said that, too. I started pulling them up my legs and didn't feel like wrestling them further. They're close enough in color to my black herringbone that I felt I could live without them.

Anonymous said...

I like this pale pink pattern and would be tempted by it in a bra. Scubas generally can look "young" I guess, but I think the color really just depends on how you feel about wearing pastels. It's pretty!

I really like the textured look of these high times crops too and really love the high times in general - they are basically the perfect lulu pant for me! But I have a gray and black stripe crop from Athleta last year and I feel that's enough horizontal stripe yoga leggings for me.

LLA do you think we might see the high times in a stripe pique or mini check pique? I am hoping for that maybe and also am considering the coco!

Unrelated: I also hope we see the luscious hoodie in the white herringbone. I would totally go for that.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:40 pm - Sorry I didn't get to this question sooner. The camo All Day Asana tote has not come to North America yet. I would think we might see it later but it's hard to tell. It might show up sooner than we think like the Festival bags did. Camo seems to be money in the bank so lululemon would be smart to release it here as soon as they could.