Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NEW Om Stripe Speed Tights

lululemon om stripe speed tight
I think these are new Speed Tights in the OM Stripe pattern. There is a reflective strip at the ankle, though I can't see the side pockets. Also in this photo is a Nightfall Emerge Renewed Jacket and 105F Singlet.


Anonymous said...

Don't have high hopes for these speed tights. This same pattern in the passion crops is incredibly sheer.

Anonymous said...

Love the om stripe BUT the white striping right at the hip/widest part of the thigh is unflattering. (Think thunder thighs). I'm a size 6 & my mail ordered pair plus the 4 pairs that I checked at the store had exactly the same white stripe placement. I ended up retuning them even though they felt great.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing anon 1:41. That white stripe is not flattering on the thighs.

Alejandra said...

Water bound is at fashion island! Just bought too much. Let me know if you'd like pics.

Anonymous said...

Totally OT but I am reeling from THE WORST customer service from Lulu/Ivivva ever and desperately need to vent.

I bought a pair of rulu pants from Ivivva for my daughter. Well, they are actually Rulu light (based on a comparison to my own Lulu items) and even though the pair I bought were baggy on her, I could see right through them.

I set up a return and mailed the pants back the very next day with tags still attached. That was Nov. 21. I twice had to specify that my money be refunded to credit card because they tried to send me a packing slip indicating a gift card return.

According to the tracking number, the pants were received at the warehouse and signed for on November 26. I still have not had a refund even though I have made 6 telephone calls and 5 emails to GEC.

Finally today I got a gift card - for my trouble, they said, until they were able to finalize the return and refund my money. And then I just got an email saying, "oh, I see you got a gift card! Great! Return finalized."

I AM SOOOOO ANGRY! I've had to return 3 items (out of 4) to Ivivva in the last 2 months because they were faulty. Of course I do not want to buy anything else from that store.

I know Lulu has a crappy return policy, and GEC is not known for its intelligence, but this is beyond s*&tty service.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is related to your situation Anon@@3:52, but I also had problems with some returns processing. When I called tonight we figured out that if my original payment was from PayPal and I had 2 separate returns from the order then the second return didn't process. They had to manually credit 3 returns for me dating back to the beginning of November because of this issue. I found 2 of the 3 missing returns on my own although I was assured by the rep that Lululemon would have eventually found the discrepancies. Lesson learned for me!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:52...I know your frustration, had some doozies dealing with them in the past but lately has been getting better. Except for about a month ago when I returned a pair of running crops for sheerness. The Ed asked me "Do you do yoga or pilates?" Me: "umm, yoga occasionally, why?" Her: "Well, you see these crops were designed for running so they're not designed with the same level of coverage as our yoga crops" Me: "Wow, okay, no, I intended to use these crops for running, but I occasionally bend and stretch, as runners do, and don't want to flash everyone". Unbelievable

Anonymous said...

Appalling customer service, I agree. I returned the Sattva pants because of the lousy waistband and the Rep asked me, "what activity were you using it for?" I promptly said, NOTHING, it was lounge wear, I hadn't even washed them yet and the waistband was curling over. Ridiculous. Don't blame your customer for your lousy manufacturing.
I also have the same issues with returns as well. Takes almost a month to get credit, for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

6:43 that is a classin lulu comment from their educators, it should be in their stupid manifesto right next to breathe deeply.