Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Foreign Site Spoilers

lululemon lotus camo define

lululemon lotus camo define
Now this is funky - new Heathered Textured Lotus Camo Oil Slick Blue Define. I really like this.

lululemon clip in crop

lululemon clip in short
Clip In Crop and Clip In Short in Heathered Textured Lotus Camo Oil Slick Blue/Alberta Lake.

lululemon flow y prism multi
Flow Y in Prism Petal Multi Print.

lululemon deep coal dream rose cool racerback
Cool Racerback in Deep Coal Dream Rose Print. I might need this.

lululemon power y
Paris Perfection is back - yay!

lululemon menthol cool racerback
Menthol Cool Racerback.

lululemon movement hoodie
Atomic Flower Silver Spoon Movement Hoodie


Anonymous said...

Wow! Do you know when the floral flow y bra will be in the USA??

Unknown said...

Love love love that oil slick pattern! And the coal rose... I'm wanting some good patterns. I'm coco-piqued/herringboned out!

Anonymous said...

Yessss! Hopefully my wallet is safe in the New Year! I'm broke from all of the stuff I bought recently. Usually January and sometimes even February disappoint. I hope that pattern continues! If not, I'm in deep doo doo!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:01 am - I would think fairly soon.

Anonymous said...

Love Paris Perfection! I just hope it doesn't bleed like my Paris Perfection No Limits tank does. Pink everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I like the paris perfection color as well. don't like the oil slick or flower pattern.


Anonymous said...

love the patterns! flow-Y bra is perfect amount of that floral. love the oil slick pattern, but want a Forme, not a Define (don't shoot me!).

Anonymous said...

I would be ALL OVER that oil slick define if it weren't for the lighter colored seams. Why didn't they just do the seams in the darker blue like they did on the crops? Annoyed

Anonymous said...

I'll take the menthol CRB. The clip it crop looks good; I prefer a knee length crop but I am so over camo.

I do not care for that oil slick camo Define - it's looks like something from Tron.