Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Upload!!

lululemon fluff off pullover ultra violet
The Cyber Monday upload ended up being two hours late and showed up at 11:00 pm. 

The Fluff Off Pullover in Ultra Violet. My sister got this tonight. She has two from last year and loves them for running in the chilly Oregon winters.

lululemon ultra violet fluff off jacket

lululemon fluff off jacket stained glass love
Fluff Off Jacket. I ordered myself the Stained Glass Love one because I couldn't resist. At the least, I have to try it on. I accidentally ordered my sister the UV Fluff Off Jacket, too. I had instructions to get her the UV Pullover because she is flying tonight and can't order for herself but didn't pay attention to the right photo. Surprise for her, lol.

lululemon flurry fighter pullover ultra violet

lululemon flurry fighter pullover black
I ordered both the Ultra Violet and Black Flurry Fighter Pullovers. Black is my default outwear color but I wanted to try the UV one in case I decide to break out of the box.

lululemon speed tight
Lucky duck Canada got Speed Tights in both Parallel Stripe and Giant Herringbone. I hope the US gets these on the Thursday upload. I wonder whether this means we'll see Rundays back in the Parallel Stripe print.

lululemon coco pique define
The US got a Coco Pique Define. My Coco Pique Forme jacket is one of my favorite fall purchases.

lululemon define
Canada also got a wild Parallel Stripe Define Jacket.

lululemon energy bra

lululemon energy bra

lululemon ultraviolet free to be wild bra
Both the US and Canada got new Free to Be Wild bras. Canada's FTBWs went up to size 12.

lululemon free to be bra
Canada got a new Stained Glass Love version - Pow Pink/Menthol - in the Free to Be Bra.

lululemon om passion crop

lululemon passion crop om
Canada got a funky print in the Passion crops - Om Stripe Black Multi

lululemon speed tight unbreakable

lululemon unbreakable white
Canada also got the new white print - Unbreakable White - in the Speed Tight.

lululemon embrace hoodie

lululemon embrace hoodie

lululemon embrace hoodie
Canada got a new cotton sweater called the Embrace Hoodie. I really like the look of this.

lululemon karmacollected wrap
Cotton Fleece Karmacollected Wrap in Rich Earth (Canada only).

lululemon emerge renewed
Emerge Renewed Jacket (Canada only). The UK got this last week.

lululemon karma collected pant rich earth
Cotton Fleece Karma Collected Pant in Rich Earth.

lululemon think fast pullover herringbone
The Herringbone Think Fast Pullover finally showed up on line. I took the tags off this the day after I bought it. It's a very cozy piece.

herringbone high times pant lululemon
High Times Pant in Giant Herringbone and Coco Pique were uploaded. 

105F singlet lululemon ultraviolet

lululemon wild tank
Only Canada got the new Wild Tank, too.

lululemon beat the sleet pant
The Beat the Sleet Pants showed up this week. (Canada only)

pranayama scarf lululemon

camo mind and body kit lululemon
I know a lot of people grabbed the Camo Mind & Body Kit tonight.

lululemon rose festival bag
New Festival Bag in Jumbo Dream Rose Stripe. I'm glad these bags have become a winter item, too.

lululemon parallel stripe scultp tank
Canada got some new colors in the Sculpt Tank, including this Parallel stripe one.

lululemon groove short
New Boogie Short waist print in Capilano Stripe/Parallel Stripe.

lululemon run times short

animal print bangbuster
New Animal Swirl Print Bangbuster (Canada only)

sweat happens bag

I ordered the Mini Check Pique Ultra Violet Vinyasa tonight, too.


Did you get anything tonight?


Anonymous said...

I ordered the High Times pant in Coco Pique; I don't see the Giant Herringbone on the Canadian site. I'm not sure if they're already sold out or if they weren't uploaded. I also got the Festival Bag in blush.

I did my purchase at about 5:00am EST. The tech fleece pullovers were already all sold out at that point. I gave up on the upload last night a bit after 1:00am. I hate very late uploads like these; they really only work for the west coast.

Anonymous said...

Any idea if the U.S. is going to get the Nightfall Stained Glass Love print Energy Bra (or did I miss that train already)? Also, if they did a Cool Racerback in the Nightfall Stained Glass Love, I'd totally buy it. =)

Anonymous said...

Do you think the U.S will be getting the giant herringbone define? I've been waiting but now wondering if I should order the pique for a backup in case we never get it. Just what LLL wants me to do, I'm sure! ;)
Thanks for waiting out the upload - kinda like old times! Your blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...

The Omaha, Nebraska store had the parallel stripe Runday crops on Saturday, and were sold out in most sizes as of yesterday.. We are a smaller new-ish store (2-3 years old maybe?), so I was shocked we got something like that before an upload. We are sometimes a few days behind whatever is uploaded for some maybe they are coming in Thursday? I have seen them in person though, they're cute.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess the good part of upload being late was that I was actually able to order the ftbw bra this time. Unlike last time when I tried to check out within 1 minute of upload and was already too late. I guess the resellers gave up and went to bed lol

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me but some stuff to think about (glad I don't and didn't wait around for an upload. No surprise LLL fiasco).

I'll still need to see the Flurry Fighter pullover in person before purchasing. I do like the look of the Speed Tight in Unbreakable White. They won't suit enough days of an Ontario winter so they would be hard to justify, as cool as they look.

I do not like the look of that Embrace sweater, just to weirdo funky in the front. Not flattering.

Seeing all the items in parallel stripe b&w, this is good to know. It seems the Base Runner 1/2 zip that I scored about a month ago on wmtm was newly manufactured and had not been sitting in some warehouse from last year. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

The only color combo I liked is white stained glass fluff off pullover- I have 2 from last year and just had to check out this beauty... I know it washes very well....

Anonymous said...

Did Canada even get the Flurry Fighter PO? I was awake for the upload and only saw them on the US site.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how sizing is running on pullovers? said...

I ordered the Exquisite bra in Nightfall. Nervous about fit but I'm picturing it under low back summery dresses that are impossible to find bras for. I like that it doesn't look revealing in the front. Hope it works! Really like the white stained glass speed tights but just bought a pair of under armour studio lux pants so can't rationalize another pair. The UA pants have an oval gusset BTW! said...

sorry, 'unbreakable white' speed tights, not white stained glass...

Meg said...

Were flurry fighters uploaded in Canada? I don't see them but not sure if sold out or didn't arrive.. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have high hopes for the Unbreakable White speed tights. i hope they're coming to the US soon!

I am also wanting to try the High Times Pant, but i have a return. So, I'll just exchange in-store.

dogrunner said...

Does anyone know what all these fun new print speed tights are made of? Full, brushed lux or tech? I am guessing fullux. IMO those are good for around 30-45 degrees F. Wore a pair of brushed luxtreme (ice queen) the other day in about 20 degrees F and my legs felt that prickly frozen feeling for at least 4 hours after my run. Definitely needed tech fleece. Bummed I didn't jump on the UV pull over. So pretty and bright

Anonymous said...

that unbreakable white looks like something they have at athleta this season, FTR.

LuluAddict said...

@dogrunner - They are fullux - full on luxtreme. Wow, you are hot blooded. I wore the Snake Skin Speed tights to walk my dog in 39 degree at dawn weather in the high dessert of Arizona last week and was freezing. I know I would be warmer if I was running. I've worn fullux crops in mid-60s weather for runs but I do get super hot in them. They also start to strangle my thighs after about 6 miles when my legs start swelling so I have to be sure to buy them on the looser side.

LuluAddict said...

@ Meg - they weren't uploaded last night. I'd bet they'll show up for the Thursday upload.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:00 am - the Fluff Off Pullover? People have said that runs TTS. As for the Flurry Fighter, it's new but from the photos I've seen of it so far, it looks like it runs a figure-skimming TTS.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:57 am - Interesting. They sold really well last year so I know people who missed them the first time will be looking for them.

Anonymous said...

dogrunner,I had the same thing happen to me last winter with the ice queen tights, it was around 27F and windy, and my legs especially my backside were really cold.

The tech fleece works well for me in cold temps, but anything below 27F for more than 45 minutes is too much. That pullover is so pretty and looks functional, hope they have it at my local lulu.


Anonymous said...

I tried to stay up but had to get to bed! So - missed out on the FTB Wild in the color I wanted. Oh well! I did go a little wild - got the Fluff Off jacket, Flurry Fighter, and Coco Define. Will see what I love and have to keep; probably not all three!

Anonymous said...

I got the mind and body kit in the silver color and also got from the wmtm tracker shorts and a swiftly tank.


Miffy316 said...

Can someone let me know the fit on define? Is it TTS? If I want a bit loser fit, should I size up? I have never tried define jacket and I am so curious about why people love this jacket so much! (great reviews!!). My store did not have any so I may need to order one just to see what's the rave is all about!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the coco pique define, and a free to be wild bra. Then I went back and got the ultraviolet vinyasa, I just couldn't resist. I'm calling them my xmas presents to myself. :) Does anyone know if the sizing is the same on the new defines? I remember having to size up in the past versions because the forearms were too tight in my normal size. I ordered up and I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake.

LuluAddict said...

@Miffy - I tried the Define on last week. I thought the fit was the same as previous Defines. It's a snug TTS.

Anonymous said...

I really wish they'd make a running crop with the same design as the Speed Tights. it seems like the pockets on the more recently released crops are always more narrow.

Lululover said...

I ordered new Vinyasa, was looking at Fluff Off jacket in Nightfall Stained Glass but I already bought Fluffed Up in Nightfall, definitely don't need 2 jackets. Although I like the colors. Thought Carmacollected jacket was cute. Going to look at PO at the store

Anonymous said...

is that mind body kit with the dream rose pattern on top all sold out already? can't get website to load...

Anonymous said...

I fell asleep before the upload, but luckily what I wanted (the vinyasa) was available when I woke up. I also ordered the coco pique define because I missed out on the Forme, but I'm not sure I will keep it, since I really love how the Forme is less athletic looking and the coco pique material lends itself well to being worn with dressier outfits. I guess if I don't like the Define, I will have to resort to Ebay :(

OT but can anyone help me figure out what the difference is between the High Times Pant and the Roll Down Wunder Under Pants? Why did they create a separate category when they seem to be the same thing - High wasted pants that can be rolled down. I'm foncused!!!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:50 am- you did not miss the Stained Glass love Energy Bras in the US. They haven't hit the online store and they weren't in the brick and motor stores, either, when I was there on Friday. I have been waiting for them to show up.

Anonymous said...

I though the fluff off pullovers would have sold out since last years ones re-sell fast??

Amy said...

So tempted by the fluff off jacket--it looks amazing. Does anyone know if this will keep me warm on a walking commute in 30 degree temps? Sorry to be so specific, just really looking for some reason to buy, and if it's super warm I can talk myself into it!

Alejandra said...

I just bought my second one and I wear it constantly for walking in New York. If it's really cold I can layer a vest or hoodie under it and not get overheated. Just depends on how you like to dress. I'm in and out all day, on subways, and often do a 25-45 minute brisk crosstown walk. I've found all of the down pieces invaluable.

Julie Kohler said...

My new define in Bordeaux is more generously sized. II have to send it back for a smaller size, but it's sold out :(
I'm disappointed. It does not fit like my defines from 09-10 which are very snug. Those were very consistent in size and all fit the same. If anyone's interested in it let me know before I send it back to LLL later in the week.
It's a size 8. I'll take exact cost I paid plus shipping

Amy said...

Thanks Alejandra--it's so beautiful in the stained glass love print (at least in the photograph). I'm in Philly, so if its working for your in NYC then I'm sure it will work here!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else get a no-ship notice on the fluff off pullover? I ordered it at 8am Monday (after waiting up until 1:30 or so for the upload). Order went through, then my shipping notice said it would not be coming. Went back online to see if other colors were available, and all appeared to be fully stocked. Reordered my original PO, so waiting to see if it will actually ship or not. I'm a new customer and shocked at the way this business is run.

Chezhire71 said...

@ Anon 1:18 pm, the difference between the OT but can anyone help me figure out what the difference is between the High Times Pant and the Roll Down Wunder Under Pants is the INSEAM.
High Times pants are a 7/8 length, meaning they are shorter in length (ergo the LLL statement that they are "bike friendly,") vs. the WUP Roll Down. You can pull the WUP Roll Down beyond one's ankles to cover your heels/feet if you like.