Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Australian Spoilers

lululemon waterbound hoodie
Ombre Wave White/Multi Waterbound Hoodie. This has a real Sweaty Betty vibe to it, as one of the readers pointed out in the comments.

lululemon shanti rashguard
Dreams Wave Multi Shanti Surf Rashguard

lululemo fatigue scoop neck tank
The Scoop Neck Tank is back in Black, Flash, White, and Heathered Deep Camo Fatigue.

lululemon pace setter skirt dream rose
Pace Setter Skirt in Dottie Dream Rose. 

lululemon what the sport short
What the Sport Short in Stained Glass Love Nightfall

lululemon no limit tank
No Limit Tank in Pow/Dottie Dream Rose 

Also, it looks like there was a re-stock on the US side (I haven't checked the Canadian side yet) of the website this evening. You might want to check if something you wanted is back in stock.


Anonymous said...

I hope this means the US will get some flash items in the coming months!

Heather Carmichael (Partial to Pink) said...

Yay for the return of the Scoopneck, Pow, and Flash!

Anonymous said...

Not usually a scoop fan, but I really like it in that fabric!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see a new "What the Sport Short" colour or print come out, my heart briefly leaps for joy because I think they're bringing my beloved Dart and Dash back. And then I realize I'll probably have to wait another two years.

Meg said...

Ohhhh was flurry fighter restocked by chance? Hoping for more on the canadian side!

Unknown said...

Like I need another NLT, but that Pow/Dottie Dream Rose is to DIE FOR! Love that combination!

Unknown said...

Please send them in the US!!!

Anonymous said...

the rash guard is really nice. So is the bathing suit bottom in the pink. Scoop necks are one of my favorite ultra useful tank.