Monday, December 1, 2014

Australian Spoilers

lululemon speed short
Wow, the Australian upload shows tons of more print coming. Stained Glass Love Pow Pink Light/Menthol Speed Shorts.

lululemon lightened up singlet

lululemon lightened up singlet
New Lightened Up Singlets in Stained Glass Love Pow Pink Light/Menthol print and Menthol.

lightened up short sleeve lululemon

run times short lululemon stained glass love

passion crop stained glass menthol
Another Stained Glass Love - Stained Glass Love Black/Menthol. Shown in the Lightened Up Short Sleeve, Run Times Short, and Passion Crop.

lululemon stained glass nightfall passion crop
Stained Glass Love Black Nightfall Passion Crops showed up. I hope this means we'll see Inspires or Rundays in this print, too.

free to be wild bra pink lululemon
New Free to Be Love Bra in Stained Glass Love White Neutral Blue/Pow Pink Light.

menthol run times short lululemon
Run Times Shorts in Yachtie Stripe Menthol.

lululemon modern racer tank

menthol modern racer tank
The Modern Racer Tank is back (yay!) in White/Black Parallel Stripe and Dark Menthol.

lululemon confetti sup hat

sup hat lululemon
New 'Sup Hats in Confetti Pop Multi and Subtle Serpent prints.


Anonymous said...

The passion crops and the speed shorts look really cool. I ordered the red passion crops and I am waiting for them to show up, hope they are a good fit.


LuluAddict said...

@M - I tried the Passion crops in the store and really liked them. I wish they released them up to a 12.

yogibabe said...

US got the Modern Racer Tank (they call it Modern Racerback) in white. :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how the flurry pullover sizing is running?

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a refresh racer in ultra violet! Looks like lulu has slowed releasing new colors in the refresh racer tank. Wouldn't it be crazy if colors got released in more than one cut?

Meg said...

Do you know if the Sup hats are the type handed out at Seawheeze this year? They look similar and I love my seawheeze finishers hat!

LuluAddict said...

@Meg - It's the same style as the Sea Wheeze finisher's hat.

Jen said...

That stained glass print in pow pink/menthol reminds me of the geo print from 2013 SeaWheeze.

Anonymous said...

The stained glass print is pretty but looks like it belongs in Ivivvas clothing line.

Anonymous said...

LOve the modern racerbacks..... moving right now so can't shop.... big time bummer!!!! Not into that stained glass print or that strange speckled print either!!!! love the pashion crops may pick up a pair sometime???

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:08 pm - I kind of feel like that, too. I like the muted neutral blush and nightfall ones a lot but the brighter ones look juvenile to me.

@Jen - I was thinking that, too.

@ anon 2:15 pm - I am happy to see the Modern Racerbacks back, too. I wish they would release them in prints instead of blah stripes and heathereds.

Anonymous said...

Dark menthol looks like a nice shade of green. But I agree, these brighter shades of stained glass look very childish to me. Maybe if it was summer time I'd be more into them but these don't scream winter colors to me. I like to dress with the seasons personally.

Anonymous said...

I would get the FTBW bra in Stained Glass Love White Neutral Blue/Pow Pink Light. I kind of dig the speed shorts also.

Otherwise agree on the stained glass prints in these brights, no thanks, too juvenile and simply unappealing.

Is the modern racer tank luon (light)? I like the green. If it's vitasea or whatever, would pass.