Tuesday, November 25, 2014

White Feeling Frosty Softshell, Rugged Blue Swiftly Half Zip, and More

lululemon feeling frosty jacket
lululemon feeling frosty jacket
Photos of the white version of the Feeling Frosty softshell jacket. The Flurry Fighter Tights are also shown in the top photo.

lululemon swiftly half zip pigment blue
Pigment Rugged Blue Swiftly Half Zip and Flurry Fighter Tights.

lululemon flurry fighter tight

lululemon urban sanctuary bag split pea
The new Split Pea Sanctuary Bag. Shown with the Boom Juice Fluffed Up vest.

lululemon mantra tote

lululemon totally toasty neckwarmer

lululemon totally toasty mittens

lululemon city tank

lululemon city tank

lululemon city tank
More City Tank photos.


Unknown said...

omg, I'm soo in love with the white version of the feeling frosty jacket!!! White, visible at night, AND the reflectivity in the arms. I'll blind every car that comes towards me! ha!

Anonymous said...

my store in Boulder had the 1/2 zip in I think Rugged Blue today (code was RURU)

Anonymous said...

I saw the blue swiftly half-zip in store today (along with what looked like bumble berry). There was only one left but it looked to me just like the recent rugged blue tonka stripe.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks! I was wondering whether it was Rugged Blue or Pigment.