Tuesday, November 18, 2014

UK & HK Heads Up

lululemon arsenal speed tight

lululemon arsenal print
New print - called Arsenal Ambient Gray - revealed in the Speed tights. These look Nike/Athleta-ish to me.

lululemon emerged renewed jacket

lululemon emerged renewed jacket
New Emerged Renewed Jacket.

lululemon yogi muscle tee

lululemon yogi muscle tee

lululemon yogi muscle tee close
Yogi Muscle Tee made of Seriously Light Luon. I kind of like this.

luluelmon majestic blue scuba

luluelmon scuba
New Scubas in Denim Majestic and a white Stained Glass Love print.

lululemon majestic blue wunder under crop
Cotton WUCs roll downs in Majestic Blue.

lululemon ultra violet crop
Reversible WUCs in Ultra Violet/Black.

lululemon inky jumbo floral inspire
New Jumbo Inky Floral Inspire Crops. I might need these.

lululemon twice as nice skirt
Twice As Nice reversible skirt, made of swim material, in the Bead Envy print.

lululemon run and reflect headband

lululemon run and reflect headband
Run and Reflect headband. These are in North American stores now. I need to keep an eye out for this.


Anonymous said...

The new print, arsenal ambient grey looks more Old Navy to me?? Lulu is loosing their edge and costing more. The clothes offered by fabletics are nicer looking than lulu lately.

Anonymous said...

Jumbo inky floral inspires!! Love! Will def get them if they are made of normal luxtreme and not sheer. :)
Prefer the rise on the inspires compared to the WUs and WUCs.

Anonymous said...

yep, Nike was the first thing that popped into my head.

heather said...

all that bunching in the back of the muscle tank....

Anonymous said...

Has the US still not received the new rulu tank that other countries got last week or the week prior? Or, have I missed it in the US? I can't even remember the name at this point. Thanks, LLA!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:00 am - I don't think so. I am dying to try it on, too.

carrie said...

what new rulu tank?!?!

Unknown said...

The menthol in that run outfit with the vest, which for some reason I'm feeling especially in this outfit, doesn't look like menthol. It looks a bit filtered in this pic and has an evergreenish glow to it, when it's more of a fresh minty green in real life.

This current UV swiftly also looks brighter than the last time it came out in the half zip, which I find tempting. Sigh! It's one of my fav colors.

The reflective headband may not stay on my head. It just doesn't look slipless to me, but I'm so loving all the reflective gear lulu is coming out with.

LuluAddict said...

@ Carrie - the Think Fast Tank.

@Ching - I know. I was suckered by the flattering light in that photo. I am hoping my menthol Swiftly looks like that at sundown. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yogi Muscle Tank, yeah there is something appealing about this one. May check it out. I even like the length and the draping in the back. In the pic anyway, will have to try/see in person.