Monday, November 10, 2014

UK Heads Up

lululemon pranayama scarf black grape

lululemon coal pranayama scarf
The mreino wool Pranayama scarf is coming in two colors - a Nightfall/Black Grape/Pigment and a Deep Coal/Cranberry one. I really like the purple one. Can I justify this $98 scarf, living in SoCal? ;-)

lululemon sculpt tank

lululemon sculpt tank boom juice

lululemon sculpt tank pigment blue

lululemon soul geo sculpt tank

lululemon sculpt tank back
Intriguing new Sculpt tank, made of UPF material. I find it interesting that a UPF top is being released for the fall/holiday season. I hope this means a LS version is also coming. I like the looks of this tank a lot.

lululemon 1x a lady
The 1X a lady jacket is coming in Alberta Lake, probably my favorite green to date. I can't imagine this means we'll see more Alberta items but I can hope.

lululemon rain on jacket wren

lululemon rain on jacket
Rain On jacket in Deepest Wren

lululemon cool racerback inkwell prism
Cool Racerback in Inkwell Prisma print. This has already been spotted in Canadian lululemon stores.

lululemon prism all sport bra

lululemon energy bra prism
All Sport and Energy bras in the Prisma Multi Cranberry print.

lululemon rise and shine pant bead envy
New Rise and Shine pant, made of swim fabric. The print is called Bead Envy.

lululemon mesh wunder under pant
New Mesh Wunder Under Crop.

lululemon open your ls ii

lululemon open your heart ls ii
The Open Your Heart LS II tops. These are in the exact colors as the Open Your Heart LS from last year so I'm think they must be made from leftover fabric. Reused fabric would explain the major styling changes from a very popular top.

lululemon nightfall skinny grooves
Nightfall Skinny Groove Pants


dogrunner said...

I had a feeling we'd see more alberta lake.... i had the the stained glass love mosaic print FTB bra and I thought I recognized alberta lake in there. had to return the ftb because no matter how many times I just does not fit. I will keep my fingers crossed for a pair of in the flows in AL

Anonymous said...

The OYH top from last year had a significant shrinkage issue!

LuluAddict said...

@Dog Runner - Interesting. I assumed the green was Fuel Green.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing I like in this group. Actually I'm relieved because this will give me a chance to pay off my old Lulu debts!

Anonymous said...

Love the pranayama scarf!! I live in Colorado so I think I can justify getting both colors:)

Anonymous said...

Oooh I love Alberta Lake! I hope it's back.. Lululemon colour seems to be chaos right now, remember when absolutely everything felt like it was plum? They seem to be fracturing the palate and turning it over quickly. I'm so disappointed that the allsport bra that is offered in Prisma Multi Cranberry print is colour blocked. Why can't the bra be completely the print!!?? Usually the straps are the only parts visible under various tanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, those pants...YIKES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:20 PM - I completely agree! The only thing that came to mind when I saw those pants was yikes!

The only thing that I'm liking is the 1X A Lady Jacket in Alberta Lake, everything else I've seen so far is a definite pass for me.

Lululover said...

Very disappointed with new version of OYH! :(

Anonymous said...

nuts is the scarf not actually a scarf and more like a poncho? looks like it's going around front

Anonymous said...

Is that a scarf or a blanket??? It's so huge!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a poncho to me. And a poncho for $98 isn't that bad of a price so totally justifiable luluaddict :)

Anonymous said...

I love Alberta Lake. I don't want the jacket and until I see something in luon, I'm not holding my breath that they are bringing it back. I STILL want a solid AL CRB. I would love a l/s rulu shirt too.

Anonymous said...

LLA- Is "Alberta Lake" a colour that has only be used in coats/jackets?? :( It is a gorgeous colour...

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:37 am - Alberta Lake was out a couple of years ago. It came in the Swiftly (so bummed I sold my LS one when I lost some weight), tanks, pants. It didn't come in a lot of stuff but people loved the color. It never came in a Cool Racerback, which a lot of people wanted.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen a boom juice crb in ontario?!?! Ive been looking and calling, why don't we get these new colours? it takes forever

Anonymous said...

I have a run skirt in alberta lake and I love it, I wear it a lot for running and also in the summer. Tha is definitely a color that I always go for. I don't understand why lulu doesn't make more items in that color, it flatters everyone.