Wednesday, November 26, 2014

UK and HK Spoilers

lululemon manifesto pace setter skirt

lululemon manifesto pace setter skirt
Squee! From the UK site - Classic Manifesto Deep Coal/Black Pace Setter Skirt. North America better get this. It's like it's 2009 again - in a good way.

lululemon pretty purple swiftly ls
(UK) Pretty Purple Swiftly. This color was out in the spring so I'm not sure if this is new or leftover. It'll look nice with all the Black Grape and Nightfall items so I tend to think it's a re-release.

lululemon ultraviolet pique neck warmer

lululemon ultra violet black mini check pique
(UK) Now, this one I am a little excited for - new Run With Me Neck Warmer in Mini Check Pique Ultra Violet/Heathered Black. I hoping there will be some sort of run pullover or long sleeve in this fabric. Also shown in this photo is a Coco Pique Think Fast LS which isn't out yet but now we know is coming.

lululemon scoop back ls

lululemon scoop back ls

lululemon scoop back ls
From the Hong Kong lululemon site - Scoop Back LS made of luon. I like the shape a lot but would probably prefer this in ribbed luon or rulu. Since it's shown in the sparkle Black Friday photos we've been seeing I assume this will be uploaded later this week.

lululemon ultra violet scuba
In the UK - a pretty Heathered Marled Ultra Violet Scuba.

lululemon stained glass love energy bra
(UK) I definitely think I want this when it gets uploaded - Stained Glass Love Nightfall Energy bra.

lululemon post practice party toque
(UK) Cute new merino wool Post Practice Party Toque in Black/Nimbus marl.


Anonymous said...

At first I loved the ultra violet speed shorts but upon closer inspection of the pic it looks like they used a black liner again!😳 I hope not or it'll be an utter LLL fail.

Anonymous said...

Love manifesto!! Skirt will be mine!!

Anonymous said...

LLA what time should we expect the upload? I remember last year special edition items where up early am thanksgiving morning and stuff was already selling out. Don't want to miss!!

Deb said...

I can't get into the skirt print - just too much logo for me. I think I'd have to charge them billboard rental for my butt.

I like the magenta shade; I'd love to see that in a CRB.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Ultra Violet Mini Check Pique neckwarmer and the Heathered Marled Ultra Violet Scuba Hoodie. I wonder what the sizing is like for that Scuba, I'm hesitant to order another one online since my Green Teal Scuba arrived with the body a whole size smaller than all of my other size 4 Scuba Hoodie iis! I was lucky to find another one to exchange with at my closest store (they had all sold out online by the time I got mine in the mail) but it was for a size 6 with the same width body as all my other size 4 Scubas! I wonder if the sizing on all the newest Scubas has changed very recently? The weird thing is that most of my scubas are the newer ones from end of summer/early fall this year, so it would have to be a very recent change to sizing if they did. Maybe the Green Teal Scubas were just a weirdly sized batch! I really don't want to have to order more than one size and then do a return (we really shouldn't have to do this!) it's such an inconvenience.

Alejandra said...

I think I'll save my money and make that skirt out of a few of their reusable tote bags I have lying around. So tacky for the above 12 crowd.

amy said...

Wondering about those pants with in the Hong Kong scoop back pictures. It seems like Lulu is moving toward some ready to wear items (recent dresses, plus the sneak peeks of the merino blazer/jacket). I wonder if those blue pants are part of more ready to wear non-workout items.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about the black waffle-looking top in the Post Practice Party Touque photo....

Anonymous said...

That hat was uploaded to Canada last night.
Most of the Black Friday items do nothing for me - would maybe consider that scoop top.
LLA I have always gotten such a chuckle on the few occasions you use the term 'fug' - have been waiting for you to describe the city tank with that endearment! :)

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the pretty purple swiftly and the mini check pique ultra violet heathered black neck warmer (and other items that might come in it), nothing in this section of photos appeals to me. I agree that the skirt is too junior and I wouldn't even want it from wmtm. The skirt reminds me of something you might see on mannequins when you're going out of business.