Thursday, November 6, 2014

Think Fast LS, Fluffed Up Vest, and More

lululemon boom juice fluffed up vest

lululemon herringbone think fast ls

lululemon fluffed up vest boom juice

lululemon fluffed up vest think fast ls
Boom Juice Fluffed Up Vest, Think Fast LS in Herringbone, and Speed Tights.

lululemon boom juice fluffed up vest
Boom Juice Fluffed Up Vest

lululemon boom juice think fast ls
New Think Fast LS in Heathered Boom Juice. Also shown is the Fluffed Up Vest.

lululemon silver spoon herringbone think fast ls
Silver Spoon Herringbone Think Fast LS and Fluffed Up Vest.

luluemon fluffed up vest

lululemon fluffed up vest back

lululemon fluffed up vest black
More Fluffed Up Vest photos.

lululemon black boom juice fluffed up vest
The Black and Boom Juice Fluffed Up Vest.

lululemon fluffed up vest stained glass scuba
Boom Juice Fluffed Up Vest and Stained Glass print Scuba.

lululemon black herringbone think fast ls
Black Herringbone Think Fast LS. I am liking these tops, too. 

lululemon herringbone think fast pullvoer

lululemon boom juice tracker short
Boom Juice Tracker II short.

Cranberry Think Fast PO with the Boom Juice Speed Shorts.

lululemon soul geo tracker ii short
Power Y and Soul Geo Print Tracker II shorts.

lululemon cranberry wunder under pant
Heathered Slate Think Fast PO and Deepest Cranberry Wunder Under Pant.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious if there is any significant difference between the Race Your Pace LS and the Think Fast LS. They look relatively similar except for a few small details. I love the Race Your Pace LS so wondering if that means I'd also like the Think Fast LS.

Unknown said...

I think they are similar however I sized up in the race your pace LS and went TTS in the Think Fast LS..I also feel that the Think Fast is a bit thicker Rulu. Length was a bit longer too on the Think Fast which is why I was able to stay with my TTS..Collar in the back is a little higher than the front on the Think fast LS and there is a side pocket and little pockets with no closure at the cuffs of each sleeve on the Think Fast.
I bought the silver spoon herringbone and love it! IMO the silver spoon has a more noticeable pattern even at a distance then the herringbone.

Unknown said...

Can anyone comment on the sizing of the fluffed up vests??

Anonymous said...

Is that an Inkwell vest pictured w/ a filter or is there a Fuel Green coming (oh, how I wish)?! LOL


The sizing is pretty true to size on the fluffed up vest! I tried it on today and it is the same that i would get in any other jacket!!! Asanyone see the whit fluff in any of there sores or anywhere!!!!! I wants it so bad please tell me if you see any or now anyone that has one!

Anonymous said...

I just received the stained glass flow y and it's luxtreme - love it! Are all flow y prints luxtreme? It definitely says luon on the website?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:16 am - Interesting. Most Flow Ys are luon, not luxtreme.

Anonymous said...

@luluaddict 7:19 - weird, i definitely prefer the luxtreme bras over luon (usually steer clear of flow y's but loved the stained glass print and free to be's fit me oddly) hopefully they'll make more!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:26 am - me, too. I only buy luxtreme bras. From one of the banners on the website it looks like a Stained Glass Energy bra is coming. Take a look at the Shorts section, the model is wearing a Stained Glass Energy. I think I need that bra. ;-)

Unknown said...

I want that stained glass scuba!! Off topic, but I got the fluffed down coco scarf today and it's weird. It's the same width as a vinysya but not as long. I hadn't intended on wearing like a scarf, but it could have been a nice shruggy cozy shawl. Alas, it is too short, and it's going back. I guess I'll put the return toward the scuba!!