Friday, November 7, 2014

The Latest Britt's Picks

lululemon open your heart ls ii

Based on these photos it looks like I'll be saving money next week. The styling on the Open Your Heart LS II is quite a bit different from its predecessor. Not sure I like it. Also, Britt answered the question as to whether or not the new Herringbone Inspires are print luxtreme - they are. I felt the material on the Herringbone All Sport and it felt thick. I need to check these out in the store.

lululemon open your heart ls
New banner featuring the new Open Your Heart LS

Update - now that I think about it, the material in the OYH LS looks identical to that used last year. I bet that is the reason for the major design change. Bummer.

lululemon one times a lady jacket

How funny they have the One Times a Lady Jacket this year. It's a lot cuter than the underlayer of the old Three Times a Lady.

Nothing in this group that I can use.


Shannon Bayley said...

Some odd items this week for sure.

OT - the Torque Tank is already on WMTM. Ha.

Anonymous said...

How are those mesh WUPs actually pants? They are crop length...they actually look shorter than crops like Rebel Runner, Can't Stop Won't Stop, and Runday. Sigh...I'm sure they'll be uber-expensive too.

LuluAddict said...

@Shannon - I can totally believe that.

Anonymous said...

I am totally ready for the pranayama scarf!
Bummer on the OYH - last year was such an awesome top and the best part was the hem being loose. With a waistband it won't be as 'comfy'.
Am I the only one who thinks that 'puffy' jackets are soooo passe. Not interested in them at all - did that when I was in school and that was ages ago!

Unknown said...

Eeeeks -- the OYH doesn't seem like an improvement over he previous. I'm gonna try it, but I'm not crazy about the higher neckline and I wish it were longer.
The scarf is cute...

Anonymous said...

Patterned Runday crops out in our store, $98, which I believe is like a price for a pant? I love, but I won't buy, not for that much!