Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stained Glass Love White Energy Bra, Herringbone Define, and More

lululemon neutral blush energy bra speed tight
I really like the Stained Glass Love print. Here is the Energy Bra in Stained Glass Love White Neutral Blush and matching Speed Tights. I hope the Stained Glass love bras show up today. Also shown is an Ultra Violet High Necked Swiftly.

lululemon herringbone define jacket
The Herringbone Define. I am tempted to order this when it shows up in the US, though I already have two herringbone pullovers so can probably live without it.

lululemon hug it out jacket

lululemon hug it out jacket
More Hug It Out Jacket photos. Shown with the Rest Less Pullover and Giant Herringbone Skinny Will Pants. The Giant Herringbones have become my new favorite pants lately. My only issue with all the nice print and textured bottoms is that I could use some solid colored rulu pullovers and long sleeves to wear with them. Where are the plain black pullovers? My Energy and Hills POs are getting kind of old and I need to replace them.


LLA Groupee said...

Has there been a release of a Herringbone Forme this year? I think I might prefer it over the Define in Herringbone. Not sure how I feel about the solid black detailing.

LindseyB said...

LLA, what's your expert opinion on what time the upload will happen tonight?

Unknown said...

LLA do you get the skinny wills hemmed? I'm 5'8" and the giant herringbone skinnys I really liked but thought there was too much material at the bottom ... Left them but keep thinking about them and maybe getting them hemmed :)

Unknown said...

This Hug it Out reminds me of the Cuddle Up Scubas. Hopefully these are softer rather than the more rigid and thicker fleece of the Cuddle Ups. I sold mine off since it was too warm for my climate and the zipper on the cuddle up was seriously chopping off my hair every time my hair was caught up in the zipper line when I zipped up.

I love that you have old lulu that needs to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. Seeing pics of the energy po, wish I was buying lulu back then.

Anonymous said...

Is that zipper purple? I'm actually liking the looks of the hug it out jacket so far.

Unknown said...

And, you say, "where are the black pullovers?" lol, just last year, we were all lamenting that all the pullovers, jackets, etc were all black and grey; we wanted color! UV and menthol have always been fav colors of mine, so I'm in heaven this season.

Anonymous said...

the energy bra is very nice love the colors. I also like the girl wearing the skinny wills for some reason she makes those look awesome.

Happy thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today.


LuluAddict said...

@lulu - I don't but I probably should. I have a good 4" at the bottom all wrinkled up at my ankle.

@ Ching - I like color but need it in solid and not heathered or striped. I just cannot pair a heathered color with a textured bottom like herringbone or coco pique, I don't want the patterns to fight each other. I would have loved a solid Boom Juice Think Fast LS or Deep Cranberry Think Fast PO. It is weird there are hardly any solid black rulu tops this season.

Unknown said...

I have been living in my herringbone skinny wills. I love them! I'm 5'10" so the extra length is welcome. I think they look cool bunched up on the bottom. And I'm also loving the stained glass pattern -- I'm hoping LL will skinny will or groove it

J in To said...

I love my giant herringbone skinny wills too! I really like the colours paired together on the mittens...toothpaste and UV?