Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stained Glass Love Speed Tights and More

lululemon nightfall stained glass love speed tight

lululemon rest less pullover
Hello, my new pretties - the Nightfall Stained Glass Love Speed Tight. I really hope Rundays or Inspires are released in this print. I wish the Energy bra in this print was uploaded tonight, too. I assume it will shown up on Tuesday's upload. Shown with the Ultra Violet Rest Less pullover. I'm going to have to remember to give the Rest Less a try on tomorrow, if the lines for the dressing rooms aren't too long.

lululemon rest less pullover

lululemon rest less pullover
The Ultra Violet Rest Less Pullover.

lululemon totally toasty neck warmer
Totally Toasty Neck Warmer in Neutral Blush/Early Blue/Nimbus. You can see the sherpa lining in this photo. Where are my sherpa jackets/pullovers? My sherpa pieces are among my most favorite lululemon items I own. I hope they are coming for December.

lululemon mind and body kit

lululemon mind and body kit

Feeling Frosty Softshell jacket and Flurry Fighter Tights. I really like how these look on this woman.


Anonymous said...

Is the purple long sleeved space dye swiftly in the black tracker shorts photo new?

Anonymous said...

The first outfit is super cute!! I keep waiting for more high time crops to come to the US. They are my favs!!

Alejandra said...

Just left lulu at Irvine spectrum. Don't bother going. No new markdowns so to speak, it's all the same sashiko stuff that's been on the racks for weeks. I was considering the shine pants in the sequin pattern but they're starchy, not slippery and shiny. The patterns really needed to appear lustrous and bright up close and the matte fabric does nothing for them. Very weird. Easy pass. Might consider the lab jacket (does that make anyone else think of a chemists lab coat?) but the 4 was a little big and they make no 4. The fleece is very thick à la scuba hoodie. But decided to wait on it.
Had a return and walked out $248 richer. Best Black Friday ever!

Anonymous said...

My local store was hustling and bustling this morning. I did touch the Rest Less pullover and didn't like the feel of it so didn't bother to try it on. I love that mind/body kit with the ultraviolet zipper so got that as a gift for my daughter along with a bunch of other things for her. Checked out all of the Thanksgiving upload items and didn't dig any of them enough to try them on. I don't care for WUs with a pattern in the front and solid black in the back. THe one item I wish I had tried on was the City Tank as I do like the look of that but didn't feel like hassling with the try-on process. Did end up with a few items for my husband to give to me for Christmas :) - Inkwell Runday crops although I really wish I had gotten the Inkwell WUCs, Hot Cheeks shorts in black, Jewelled Magenta 105 Singlet so all in all a successful venture out on Black Friday.

Deb said...

I thought the Flurry Fighter tights were really ugly, but I loved them on when I went into the store today. I liked them a lot better than the brushed Speeds I ordered; I'll be returning those.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:34 am & Alejandra - I totally agree. The prints are very dull in person. Not at all what I was expecting. I didn't like the Rest Less Pullover either. It was like a thick Swiftly. I'd rather have a rulu ls if I want something warmer. The store I went to this morning had mostly the same markdowns as WMTM. I did get a random Ta Ta Tamer for $24. This is a good time to pick up cheap TTTs if you aren't particular about color.