Monday, November 17, 2014

Stained Glass Love Neutral Speed Shorts, the New Defines, and More

lululemon-nightfall-stained-glass-love speed shorts

lululemon nightfall swiftly tank

lululemon 50 rep bra stained-glass-love speed short

lululemon stained glass love speed short

lululemon bordeaux drama scuba stained-glass-love-speed short

I saw these in the store last week - Stained Glass Love Neutral Blush Speed Shorts. Also shown are Bordeaux Drama Scuba and Tonka Stripe Heathered White Slate 50 Rep Bra.

lululemon bordeaux drama define jacket

lululemon-bordeaux-drama define jacket

lululemon bordeaux-drama-define jacket

lululemon bordeaux drama define jacket

lululemon-bordeaux-drama-define jacket

lululemon inkwell define jacket

lululemon inkwell tri geo define jacket

lululemon-inkwell-define jacket
Finally, some good photos of the new Define Jackets in Bordeaux Drama and Inkwell Tri Geo print. Also shown are Coco Pique Skinny Will pants and a Deep Cranberry Urban Sanctuary Bag.

seamlessly covered ulta-violet tank
The Ultra Violet Seamlessly Covered Tank.

lululemon-metal-vent-tech hoodie
Another photo of the metal vent tech hoodie.


Anonymous said...

I tried the Urban Sanctuary bag. Fell madly, deeply in love with the color but the straps will not stay on my shoulder when the bag is full. Tested it by putting in my laptop plus a down throw pillow. Slipped off my shoulder unless I listed to the left about 9 degrees. I took it back and begged Lulu to redo the bag with longer straps or with added hooks for shoulder strap.

Anonymous said...

LLA - sorry to be off topic but I was wondering if you knew whether a roll down WUP in the Coal/ black inky floral print was ever released ?

LuluAddict said...

Ooh! Good info to have, Debbie.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@5:16pm yes, the WUPs were released earlier in the inky floral phase, and sold out in a week online. They are TTS, a little slinky but comfortable, no CT and goes with every full color CRB I own.

Anonymous said...

Could the coco
Pique pants be skinny wills? They look like they have pockets :0

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:52 pm - thanks, you are right. I fixed it.

Heather Carmichael (Partial to Pink) said...

All of those educators look so happy to be back in their Define Jackets! lol

Unknown said...

I barely wear the defines I do have, so I must resist the Bordeaux define. The other one is striking too. Really like the hoodie metal vent ls the men got. That's a really good looking pairing with the men's shorts.

Anonymous said...

I had owned the BD Define with the contrasting tonka strike omega but sold it on ebay (for well under retail) because I never reached for it. Now, I find myself wanting this solid BD Define. Would I actually wear it this time around? I feel like the solid is so much more wearable, but I have no idea why lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much ! Looks like I might have to scour eBay ...! Too slow again lol