Saturday, November 29, 2014

Special Edition 3D PrintStained Glass Love Wunder Under Pant Plus Some Black Friday Try On Comments

lululemon stained glass love wunder under pant

lululemon stained glass love wunder under pant

lululemon stained glass love
New Stained Glass Love 3D Special Edition Wunder Under Pants, made of full on luon.  The model's outfit is laid out above: Stained Glass Love WUPS and Flow Y (where is the darn Energy Bra in this print?), Cool Racerback, Yogi Crew Sweater, and Totally Toasty Ear Warmer. I got to try the Wunder Unders on in the store yesterday and really liked them. I thought they were on the thicker side, particularly when compared to the full on luxtreme Speed Tights, and felt cozy on.

lululemon stained glass love wunder under pant se

lululemon stained glass love print wunder under pant
Photos of the hang tag and inside of the SE WUPs, showing the backside of the fabric. It might be hard to tell from photo but the reverse side of the fabric is darker purple so the print will not fade with stretching.  I think the full on luon WUPS are warmer than the Speed Tights. I wore my Sequin Snake print Speed Tights to walk the dog in 39 degree temps in Arizona the other day and was pretty chilly in them. For a high poly content fabric, the Wunder Under Pants felt soft against my legs. I briefly debated getting the WUPs version of this print and returning the Speed Tights but figured the WUPS would be too warm for my climate. I also like the functionality of the tights with the zipper and thigh pockets. The fit on the WUPs was TTS.

lululemon totally toasty neck warmer

lululemon totally toasty neck warmer

lululemon rest less pullover scuba

Rest Less Pullover in white, shown with a Totally Toasty Neck Warmer and Stained Glass Love Scuba. I tried the Rest Less on yesterday and didn't really love it. From how some people were describing it I thought it would feel like a thick rulu top on but it was more like a thicker, stiffer Swiftly.  It was soft inside but not rulu soft and I didn't think as soft as the recent space dye swiftlys have been. I didn't love it and felt that if I want something warmer than a regular Swiftly I would rather reach for a rulu long sleeve or pullover for running. And if I need something super warm, then I'd pull out my cozy Turn Around Long Sleeve (this top needs to make a comeback, lululemon!).  I just don't see the need for this top in my wardrobe though I guess it gives you a seamless option in a warmer fabric. I thought the fit was TTS.

lululemon shadow jacket

lululemon shimmy shimmer tag
Made in Canada!

lululemon shimmy shimmer
Lab Shadow Jacket and Shine Tight in Shimmy Shimmer Multi. I was underwhelmed by the new Shimmy Shimmer and Garden Party prints in the store yesterday. I expected them to be a lot more blingy in real life but they were pretty muted on the whole. None of them appealed to me, which worked out well since I am saving my money for tech fleece, sherpa fleece, and ultra violet mini check items in pieces that fit my needs. I thought the material on the Shine Tights felt awful - very stiff and harsh. I saw the Scoop Back LS on the hanger but it looked on the short side so didn't bother trying it on. Many years ago I owned a scoop neck print luon short sleeve top (the name escapes me right now) that I hardly wore and ended up selling so I've already been there, done that with the Scoop Back top. However, it does look cute in the photos so I can see why people are snapping it up.


purrfiktangil said...

This stained glass love print is so pretty. I ended up giving in and ordering the speed tights in it --- I held off at first b/c I would have preferred brushed ones, but alas they proved too pretty to pass up.

I ordered the Rest Less Pullover this past Tuesday and, like you, didn't love it either when it came and I tried it on. It was okay, but definitely not 84$ nice IMO. And the waist was loose while everywhere else it was nicely fitted on me. I 100% prefer the Turn Around LSs (I really wish they'd bring those back too...they were the best) and regular Rulu LSs over it. It shall be going back tomorrow AM when I am willing to brave the mall :)

LuluAddict said...

@purrfiktangil - Totally. If the Rest Less goes on a nice markdown I would definitely consider it but I didn't love it at the $84 price.

Unknown said...

LLA I could not agree more with all your comments here :) I too tried on the Rest Less PO and for the price was definitely not impressed..not sure I'd even grab it on MD..I tried on the shine tight which I really never loved on me in the solid colors and am a bit confused as to why they used the shine material for this print. If they thought they'd get more sparkle effect I didn't see it. They also seemed to slip down in my TTS so I was not liking them at all and agree that they are muted. I did however try on and love the Totally Toasty Neck Warmer which I bought and will get tons of use out of living in the Chicagoland area! What did you think of this piece LLA?

J in TO said...

I kind of want the stained glass wups now! Are they a regular waist? I'm preferring the roll down options these days.

LuluAddict said...

@J in TO - they are regular waist. I know I am in the minority but I don't care for roll downs at all.