Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Prisma Print Ready to Roll Shorts, Plus Store Commentary

lululemon sculpt tank
Pigment Sculpt Tank and Prisma Print Ready to Roll Short. I tried on the Sculpt Tank today. The fit was very generous. I didn't love how the strap above my breast looked, it bulged out in my regular size. After studying how the model wears it on the website maybe I needed to adjust the neck higher so the front would lay flatter against my chest. Crossing my fingers there'll be long sleeve UPF tops coming in Boom Juice and Pigment.

lululemon boom juice think fast ls

lululemon think fast ls
I tried on a couple of Think Fast LS today, the Boom Juice and the Silver Herringbone. Both were soft and thick. The rulu on the Boom Juice was very nice. However, I didn't love the look of the pleats on the front of my shoulder. If these hit markdown I will probably get one but I didn't love them enough to pay full price. The fit is TTS.

lululemon cardi all day

lululemon cardi all day

lululemon cardi all day
More Cardi All Day photos.

lululemon prisma inkwell wunder under pant

lululemon prisma inkwell wunder under pant
This woman has a great behind. ;-)

lululemon prisma inkwell wunder under pant
The Inkwell Prisma Roll Down Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon pranayama scarf

lululemon pranayama scarf
Some nice close ups of the Pranayama scarf. I got to see this in the store today and it's just as pretty in real life as in the photos. The scarves are very lightweight, as people have reported. One thing to be aware of is that this scarf generates quite a bit of static electricity.

lululemon fluffed up vest
Boom Juice Fluffed Up Vest and Deep Cranberry Think Fast Pullover. I tried on the vest today and really liked it. I thought the fit was TTS.

Blissed Out Leg Warmers and Scarf. Shown with the Open Your Heart LS II. I tried that top on today. I thought the fit was TTS, but a bit big in the chest. However, you lose length and the hips become snug when you size down.

lululemon hot cheeks stained glass

lululemon hot cheeks

The Stained Glass Hot Cheeks Shorts.

lululemon flow y tag

lululemon rose bud stripe flow y
New pattern in a Flow Y, and this was uploaded to the website, Tonka Stripe Rose Bud Silver Spoon. Neutral Blush is another new pastel pink.

lululemon passion crop cranberry
Interesting print on the inside of the waistband on the Cranberry Passion crops. I wonder whether we will see tanks in this print.

lululemon diamond jacquard nightfall coal

Comparison of the two Diamond Jacquard Space Dye WUPS - Black/Deep Coal on top and the new Black/Nightfall on the bottom. The Nightfall ones definitely come up denim blue, if not more on the purple side, in person.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information.

The pranayama scarf is already showing signs of pilling in the photo on the left above. Not want I want to see for such a pricey, yet beautiful, item!

Unknown said...

Oh no! I love that cardi!! I do not need more sweaters, however.... (Or pants. Or jackets. Or scarves.) Argh!!

Anonymous said...

I received my Boom Juice Fluffed Up Vest in the mail yesterday, and I am sad to report that there are dark/black colored down feathers inside which show through under the thin layer of outer fabric.
It made the vest look dirty--like smudges of light black--in a lot of spots.
Super disappointed. Will be returning and hoping the vest comes out in the new Nightfall color.

Anonymous said...

That contrasting mesh on the Think Fast long-sleeved top (and pullover) is a deal-breaker for me. Why does LLL think we want to call attention to our armpits? Or have cold air blowing through mesh in a winter-weight top? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Unless you're running sub-zero weather, the vents are extremely helpful in terms of breathability in winter running. For me, they are a must. Just my opinion...: )

Anonymous said...

Yup, I run outdoors in temps well below 0F. Don't think they understand this in Vancouver. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anon 8:16. I was very disappointed about the dark feathers showing through. I returned mine as well and got the black. Nightfall sounds nice too!!