Monday, November 3, 2014

Passion Crops are Back!!!

lululemon passion crop
Passion Crop IIs in Deep Cranberry

Passion Crops I, circa 2010

I am super surprised that such a "vintage" design as Passion crops are back, yet they have been brought back as Passion Crops II.  They haven't been out since 2011. These were the first luxtreme crop I ever bought. and a favorite style among a lot of people. I wore them for spin class multiple times a week for a year and developed pin holes in the crotch. I am kind of hoping they made the leg zipper pocket large enough for an iphone 5s because the lone thigh pocket in the old version was barely large enough for a locker key, let along the giant car keys that are out these days. They were a very comfortable gym crop but I really prefer my run crops to have at least three pockets, including a zipper pocket for my phone. I wonder if that has been addressed in the new version. I think I might have to order a pair to check them out.

lululemon passion crop forme jacket
Ooh! It looks like the pocket *is* big enough for a phone!

lululemon passion crop think fast pullover
lululemon think fast pullover passion crop
More Passion Crop and Think Fast Pullover Photos. Also shown with the Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Forme jacket in the top photo.

lululemon black grape denim skinny groove pant

lululemon think fast pullover
Think Fast Pullover and Black Grape denim Skinny Groove Pants.

lululemon think fast pullover base runner pant

lululemon think fast pullover

lululemon think fast pullover
Deep Cranberry Think Fast Pullover and Base Runner Pants.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll check out the Passion crops. I like the Think Fast shirt in the grey. But $98, it's really getting tiresome.

Anonymous said...

you can barely fit an iphone in the pocket of the passion crop. The only crop or pant I have that fits an iphone is the rebel runner.


LuluAddict said...

@M - The Runday crop can fit an iphone in the back zip pocket, too. I fit my 5s, in its Lifeproof case, in mine this weekend.

Unknown said...

This is an old post, but can anyone help me find the passion crop ii's in grey in a 4?