Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Open Your Heart LS Coming Back?

lululemon open your heart ls

Seam from last year's Open Your Heart LS

New banners were uploaded for the website and based on this photo it looks like the Open Your Heart LS may be coming back. I liked these so much I bought two of them. The rough seam on the shoulder the shoulder and the reversibility is what makes me think this is a new OYH LS. The cuffs look a bit shorter but this shirt had sizing issues so I wonder if they tweaked the fit/look a bit. Excited to know it's coming back.


Deezee007 said...

LLA- what is your favorite LLL long sleeve running shirt?

I have 3 LSSW, but would like something a little thicker. I'm in SoCal so I don't need anything too thick.

Anonymous said...

Have three of the Open Your Heart from last year! one of my favorites!
OT-anyone have a size opinion on The Sweater The Better? I am undecided. :(

LuluAddict said...

@Deezee007 - wow, that is a tough question. I find LS Swiftlys adequate down to the 40s or so. I never need anything warmer. I have used the UPF Tops such as a Run Beam LS or Run in the Sun LS if I want something a little cooler than the Swiftlys. If I needed more than a LS Swiflty then I would probably experiment with layering a Cool Racerback or maybe a First Base tank underneath to warm up my core a bit.

If you want something a bit warmer than the Swiftlys I would try the luxtreme ls tops -like the Run for Gold LS or Half Zip. Those will cut the wind better but the back has a big circle mesh panel for cooling. You might want to search out last year's Race With Grace pullover, too. I believe that is brushed luxtreme so warmer than the Run for Golds.

If you think you need a rulu top, the new Race Your Pace LS and Think Fast PO are pretty thick. I know I would find them too warm for SoCal.

I have very ancient rulu Hills and Energy Pullovers that have large mesh panels that run the length of the arm and down the sides. Those would probably be good for SoCal running. But, like I said, I would probably look at the luxtreme pullovers since they are good at cutting the wind and then just play with layering a CRB or First Base Tank underneath.

Deezee007 said...

You rock ;) Thanks LLA!

Anonymous said...

I have two Open Your Hearts from last year and agree they are awesome! I think I am one of the few who did not size down however. I have one in a size 4 and one in a size 6. I use them for different things since they are quite different size-wise.

Re: the sweater the better - I go between a 4 and a 6 in tops and bought it in a 4 and it is perfect. I would suggest going with your size down if you want it to be body skimming otherwise it may look too baggy and the arms are super long. The cotton is pretty stretchy.

Lululover said...

I'm thinking about buying OYH shirt on eBay but confused about sizing after reading all the comments. I normally wear size 4 in all my gym stuff but prefer size 6 for everyday tops. I want it to fit loose. Any suggestions? Thank you :)

Kristen said...

I love these! I have two from last year, one in a 4 (pink) and one in a 6 (grey). I'm normally a 6 in lulu and found the 6 to be loose and comfy (not at all sloppy) and the 4 to be a better slim fit. Oddly enough - both still fit me just fine and I'm seven months pregnant! They have a surprising amount of give in the belly.

Unknown said...

I have 6 Open Hearts, 4 in size 4 and 2 in a 6. If i were to buy another (which I surely will if they come up again), I would get a 6. I'm between a 4 and a 6 in tops, and although 4s fit ok, but I feel the bigger size is more comfortable and fits like it's supposed to; I regret that I didn't get all of them in a 4!

Lululover said...

Thanks Shannon, that was very helpful