Friday, November 7, 2014

Nightfall Fluffed Up Jacket, Coco Pique Think Fast LS, and More

lululemon fluffed up jacket

lululemon fluffed up jacket nightfall

lululemon nightfall fluffed up jacket

lululemon fluffed up jacket sd

lululemon fluffed up jacket
The new Fluffed Up Jackets in Nightfall purple and Black. Also shown are Hot Cheeks shorts in the Stained Glass Love Blush print.

lululemon think fast coco pique

lululemon runday crop embossed
I just noticed this on the UK site - a Coco Pique Think Fast LS is coming. It was revealed in the Tri Geo Embossed Runday crop photo. My store recently received a bunch of plain black Runday crops. I don't get why because lululemon recently clearanced out a bunch of black Rundays on the WMTM site about two weeks ago. I picked up a pair and ran in them on Sunday. I forgot how much I love the Runday crop. They're long so I tend to wear them only in cooler weather. The back pocket is large enough to fit my iPhone 5s in its case.

lululemon boom juice fluffed up vest
Photo of the Boom Juice Fluffed Up vest showing the double front zipper, where you can choose to expose the reflective strip or not. The Silver Herringbone Think Fast LS is underneath.

lululemon boom juice think fast ls
The Boom Juice Think Fast LS

Stained Glass Love Scuba hoodie.


Anonymous said...

the Coco Pique Think Fast LS is already in stores - i bought one today in manhasset

LuluAddict said...

Good to know. I haven't run across any photos of it yet, just the silver herringbone and Boom Juice ones.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to buy a Lululemon vest all fall but none of the previous options fit me right Fortunately, that losing streak has ended with the Fluffed Up Vest. It fits me perfectly in my TTS (same size as I wear in Scubas and Formes). Unfortunately it seems like my local stores only got it in Black and Boom Juice and I really wanted it in Inkwell. Since Inkwell is also sold out online, I took the Black one home. But I also love the Boom Juice and although there's nobody in the world who needs two Fluffed Up Vests, I'm seriously considering also getting the Boom Juice one. That's how much it fits me perfectly.

One funny item - the hang tag on the vest has listed as it's last bullet point in terms of features - "low profile thumbholes". It's a vest which by definition means it has no sleeves so there's no way it can have thumbholes :). I had a good laugh about that. Probably a cut and paste issue from the hang tag for the Fluffed Up Jacket.

Anonymous said...

My TF pullover arrived yesterday and while it is a nice piece, the color (Cranberry/BJ) just did not look good on me. Plus, the RULU feels thinner than last year's Star Runner PO.
I also own last year's Base Runner PO in Herringbone (super thick and cozy), so I can't really justify getting the TF in Herringbone. I really wanted a bright color.

Anonymous said...

love the nightfall purple..... maybe a crb in that color but won't buy lulu coats anymore.

KristinH said...

I was obsessed with getting the Boom Juice Fluffed Up vest. I was super excited to find it in store. I brought it home and my husband pointed out that there was a spot on it. I couldn't figure out why it would be dirty already!! Turns out it was the dark colored down feathers showing through! I took a better look at the vest and saw another dark feather showing. How disappointing. I took it back to the store and well all the other boom juice vests had at least one or two feathers showing. I ended up exchanging for the black. Obviously I won't have any problems with feathers showing. Did anyone else notice this with their vests?

LuluAddict said...

@Kristin - that happens all the time with the lighter lulu vests - the dark feathers showing through.

Anonymous said...

Hold the boom juice vest up to natural light and you can see exactly what its filled with.

Anonymous said...

I have a plum vest with white feathers poking through.

Anonymous said...


"I took the Black one home. But I also love the Boom Juice and although there's nobody in the world who needs two Fluffed Up Vests"

Oh yes there is. Got the Black Fluffed Up Vest in the store yesterday. Today my Boom Juice one arrived. I too am in search of Inkwell...none of the 3 closest stores got Inkwell. Who in the world needs 3 Fluffed Up Vests???

I am LOVING mine.

Anonymous said...

I have a Patagonia down sweater vest I got years ago - it's light green and the feathers do show and when I first got it I almost sent it back b cause it bugged me. I decided to keep it and got used to it and it doesn't bother me at all now. But I could see how it could affect the versatility of the piece.

Anonymous said...

I'm the commenter who noted that no one needs 2 Fluffed Up vests but I wanted the Boom Juice in addition to the Black I had already gotten. So glad to see I am not the only crazy one :) I actually did end up buying the Boom Juice but am deciding whether to keep it. And if I could find an Inkwell I'd probably buy that too.

As other posters noted, I too noticed the brown feathers showing through. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if it was a spot on the vest or a feather because if it was a feather I thought I should be able to move it around within the vest a little but couldn't seem to do that. The one that I ended up buying has no noticeable brown feathers but I haven't looked that closely. I've noticed similar show-through on Patagonia and North Face light-colored down items.

Lululover said...

Yesterday I tried on TF shirt but didn't like mesh underneath my arms so I decided to get RYP in wee stripe instead. Also got WU crops in deepest cranberry , the color is very beautiful