Monday, November 10, 2014

Nightfall Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Under Roll Downs, Blissed Out Circle Scarves, and More

lululemon nightfall pranayama scarf

lululemon pranayama scarf nightfall purple
Hmm, the Nightfall Pranayama scarf is pretty saturated looking in these photos. Not sure I like it as much as I did when I thought it was more muted. I don't feel nearly the urge to get it as I did before. Whew, bullet dodged.

lululemon open your heart ls

lululemon open your heart diamond jacquard wunder-under-pants

lululemon diamond-jacquard wunder under pant

lululemon diamond jacquard wunder under pant

lululemon diamond jacquard wunder under pant nightfall

The Open Your LS II paired with the new Nightfall Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Roll Down Wunder Under Pants. Not sure whether I'll get these WUPS even thought I love the diamond jacquard fabric. I am not a fan of obvious seaming at the crotch.

lululemon inkwell prisma wunder under pant
New Inkwell Prisma print Roll Down Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon leg warmer

lululemon leg warmer
New Blissed Out leg warmers.

lululemon blissed out scarf hat glove

lululemon blissed out circle scarf

lululemon blissed out glove

lululemon blissed out scarf

lululemon blissed out circle scarf s

lululemon blissed out circle scarf

lululemon blissed out circle scarf sd
Blissed Out Circle Scarf, Gloves, and Hat. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photos.)

lululemon speckle dot speed short

lululemon speed short speckle dot

lululemon giant herringbone
From the Hong Kong site - new print Blush Speckle Dot and Giant Herringbone Speed Short.

lululemon find your zen tank
Find Your Zen Tank

lululemon mini check pique vinyasa

lululemon mini check pique vinyasa

New mini check pique Vinyasa spotted in stores. I already have two Vinyasas I'll hardly ever wear but I hope there will be tops coming in this fabric. I would guess this might be a Deep Coal/White pique.


Anonymous said...

LLA- Is nightfall more blue or purple? Anyone know how it compares to black grape? Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Really loving those Nightfall Jacquard Space Dye WUP! The inkwell printed one is nice too but really me. I wish I could justify that scarf but $100 for an accessory? Not on my salary lol

Anonymous said...

I like the look of those nightfall diamond jacquard WUP as well as the herringbone shorts. Definitely will also want to get that mini check pique vinyasa.

I do not like the blush speckle shorts - they just look like men's boxer shorts. Also, every photo I've seen of the open your heart l/s ii is just unflattering/dumpy on everyone!

Unknown said...

I am not a fan of the obvious crotch seaming either. I have certain pants (coco pique skinny grooves, for example) where that crotch line was all I could see when I had them on. I have a very talented seamstress who I use, and she buzzed a lighter color thread over the crotch seam. Much better!! It's probably blasphemous to tweak the design of LL, but at least I can wear them now with out feeling like people are looking at a dark black line in my crotch area. Maybe it's just me, but I think it looks bad!!

Anonymous said...

shannon that is so so true and brilliant what you did to fix.... i've always wanted some coco pique but can't stand that dark thread in front and in the back! I wonder why they can't ever make a run of them w/ threads that don't stand out??? Again always frusterated w/ the design team..... so i don't buy from them too often.