Thursday, November 20, 2014

NEW! Silver Urban Sanctuary Bag

lululemon silver urband sanctuary bag
New blingy silver (or, more likely, neutral blush) and black Urban Sanctuary bag. Love it!

lululemon mantra tote
Neutral Blush Mantra Tote - shiny side out and the reverse.

lululemon mantra tote

lululemon mantra tote inside
Found two more Mantra Tote photos. Hmm, the inside of this is different. I wonder if there is both a Neutral Blush and a Silver one.


Unknown said...

I do love Lulu bags and haven't purchased one in a while so I will have to check out the urban sanctuary bag in the black/silver..looks great!

Unknown said...

I visited a store today, and there is a neutral blush and a pewter/silver one in addition to the black:-)

Anonymous said...

Yes there are 3 versions of the Mantra Tote. Black, Neutral Blush with rose gold hardware and then a silver

Anonymous said...

I am usually not a lulu bag person, I hate big logos and showy bags, but this one looks pretty good. I will have to see it in person to make a proper decision.


Alejandra said...

The urban sanctuary bag is silver and black, not neutral blush. The combo would be cute in another design but urban sanctuary is so not my bag. Weekend Warrior in giant houndstooth pigment...yum!