Friday, November 7, 2014

New Down Run Hat?

lululemon down run hat
Hmm, it looks like there might be a new down run hat, similar to last year's Fluff Off hat. No earflaps this year, though.

lululemon down fluffed up hat
Update - it looks like it has ear flaps after all. I wonder if this is called the Fluffed Up hat.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, this is VERY off topic, but I know some people are always interested in new brands. - they are a vancouver based company and material is made in California...they are edgier. I got snakeskin bottoms and a black muscle top with a pink skull on them for my birthday from my darling husband who is sick of having all these lululemon shoppers at home lol. Anyways I thought I would share my new love:) their bottoms fit one size up from lll.

amazr said...

I just got my Boom Juice Pullover in the mail today and I'm sitting here wearing it and am in love! It's cosy, flattering, soft, and It's got a festive Holiday vibe. I hope more fun colors come out in this (I have enough black and grey pique items).

Anonymous said...

I saw that run hat in SF Cow Hollow and SJ Santana Row. It comes in the window pane print as well.

It has minimal ear flaps, not like grumpy old man style, though.

I don't recall the exact name or price because I only quickly picked it up and put it down.

Unknown said...

Hi. What type of gusset do their leggings have? I was looking at their site and love the look of a lot of their bottoms however wheneber I try brands other than lulu I notice they just see the crotch with seems and don't add a gusset. Hoping to get some insight before I order. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Diamond/oval gusset.
I compared to my old lll circa 2009?ish? And it's the same shape just a little more narrow than lll hope that is helpful