Monday, November 17, 2014

More Yogi Crew Sweater Photos, Plus Giant Herringbone Skinny Will Pants

lululemon-yogi-crew-sweater black

yogi crew sweater black


close up of yogi crew sweater

yogi crew sweater speckles
The other colors in the Yogi Crew Sweater - a black and a speckled gray.

lululemon yogi crew sweater hearts


lululemon-yogi-crew-sweater zippers

yogi crew sweater hearts price tag
There is another version of the Yogi Crew sweater, designated as "Hearts". It's a thicker version and has zippers up the sides.

lululemon-giant-herringbone skinny will pants

lululemon skinny will pants giant herringbone

lululemon giant herringbone skinny will pants
Some photos of the Giant Herringbone Skinny Will Pants. I think these are only in Canada right now. 

Thanks to Ms. K. for all these great photos.


Unknown said...

Kind of strange that there is no price difference between the two versions considering one is thicker and has two zippers...

Anonymous said...

I almost burst out laughing when I saw the price of these sweaters. They are shapeless and unflattering. Never in a million years would I pay that price. In fact, even if these went to wmtm (as they surely will go there) I would not be interested or pay whatever reduced price.

I tried the giant herringbone skinny wills on in Toronto. They were way too long. Even if hemmed, the logo was not too far away from my ankle (am 5' 5"). They were just OK. I am glad I have the WUP in regular herringbone.

Also, if you are looking for the coco pique vinyasa scarf, Toronto stores have them now. I found it too thin. I'm going to wait for they grey/white mini check rulu one.

Anonymous said...

I tried this sweater on today. It is nice and soft but I wasn't a fan of the short length on the front, it hit above my belly button, and I tried on my regular size and a size down. Also, I'm only 5'6 and the sweater was not bum covering like I have seen it be in a couple of pictures. Kind of odd, guess it's not made for people who are broad up top. That's unfortunate, thought it had potential.